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Our community works together on a free, open and independent platform that is based on collaborative development.

Ubuntu software is continuously adjusted and improved by the combined input of committed developers from all over the world. They are not doing this for commercial gain but for the greater good. Knowledge should be shared and everyone should have access to free software.

Ubuntu for the Fairphone 2

One of the many initiatives of the Ubuntu community is the port of Ubuntu for the Fairphone 2.* This project is started by the Ubuntu community UBports and by its committed effort it achieved a working device.



The Fairphone 2 is an ethical phone with the goal to put value in the production process of phones. Fairphone wants to achieve this by fair materials, a long lasting design, good working conditions and reusing and recycling materials. Fairphone makes their phones to improve the value chain behind it: From design to materials, to manufacturing and recycling.

UBports sympathizes this initiative and wants to port Ubuntu to the phone. This way people have a broader choice in operation systems next to Apple or Google. Users of Fairphone 2 with Ubuntu keep control over their data and can contribute to a better world at the same time. 

*Ubuntu for the Fairphone 2 is a community initiative and not endorsed by Fairphone.



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