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Ubuntu for Fairphone 2

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Are you our co-developer?

Sustainability and freedom is our goal!

We are helping UBports, a project group that is porting mobile OS Ubuntu to several smartphones, with the port of Ubuntu to Fairphone 2.

We feel much sympathy for this sustainable smartphone, but also find it important that people have something to choose when it comes to an operation system. 

We gained a lot of support of motivated developers and the community and we achieved quite a number of working features.

However, we're not there yet. The more eyes, the better and faster we can get an up & running device!

Sustainability and freedom is our goal! Are you our partner?

When you have a mix of the skills below we believe you are the developer who could help us with our project:

  • Expert knowledge on Android Build System (AOSP / Cyanogenmod);

  • Experience in porting devices to Android;

  • Knowledge of build-up of systems like Ubuntu Touch, SailfishOS, Firefox OS;

  • Knowledge of or understanding the Ubuntu Touch build system and the available manifests: UBports, but also phablet.ubuntu.com;

  • Experience with Git / repo C/C++ experience for (potentially) customizing code•    Reverse engineering → Debugging individual components on the basis of logcat, dmesg, syslog, strace (Boot, Graphics, Camera, GPS, Wifi etc.);

  • Debugging build errors and adjusting (Android) Makefiles;

  • Building a devicetree or migrating an existing devicetree for the purpose of a successful build;

  • Knowing where to find which components. (i.e. GitHub, CAF, Vendortrees (blobs));
    Knowing how to patch a kernel and how to port AppArmor;

  • You know how to document each step and are willing to make all codes and adjustments available.

Smoose introduction

Everyone who’s involved in the ports within UBports knows by now that the company Smoose is actively trying to help to push the ports forward, Ubuntu for Fairphone 2 in specific. But why does this company feel so committed to help this Ubuntu community? And exactly what role does it want to play within UBports?

Let us first introduce ourselves. What kind of company are we?

Smoose is an open source company in the Netherlands. We provide open source FOSS solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the area of office automation. We are motivated by the belief that free transfer of knowledge and software is fundamental for free markets and freedom of people. Smoose is part of the holding Monkey Tail and we also have a shared goal with our sister companies: to provide a complete open source business suite for SME’s with tools such as Ubuntu, LibreOffice, Odoo, Zimbra, Jitsi, etc.

From that perspective we feel much sympathy towards the Ubuntu community and the developments it is bringing forth for the greater good. We feel an honest product such as Fairphone is in line with that. The combination of a sustainable product with freedom of choice when it comes to an operating system is very strong. But that is not the only reason we are helping with the port of Fairphone 2. Providing 100% dedication to one working device is also helping UBports. When Fairphone 2 is fully working our dedication can be put on the next port that needs to be completed. Smoose wants the same as UBports: Ubuntu on as much devices as possible.

We sponsor the Ubuntu for Fairphone 2 project and give dedicated time by our own people because we truly believe people should have the freedom to choose their own Mobile OS and should have the freedom to choose Ubuntu if they want to. We started this journey to support Marius Gripsgard and his work out of intrinsic motivation. 

If you have questions about the project or our part in it, please let us know. Send your Telegram-message to @VeravanOudenhoven, @Plien_B or mail: v.vanoudenhoven@smoose.nl, p.buth@smoose.nl.