Why is the child crying?

The first sign that delivers the infant to the adult, it is screaming and crying. Report problems to the baby until it can only be the only available method. How to understand what the child wants to say and how to help him? Why is the child crying?

The first child’s cry has a “human” sense, it means something. The baby can be hot or cold, he was hungry, to drink, to sleep, sometimes he wants to communicate and just bored one lie in the crib. From the first days it is better to listen to a crying baby, to answer this important question “Why is baby crying?”, and to begin to discern what different types of crying, what it sounds intonation – complaint, demand, claim. The view that “let her scream – your lungs will be better developed” may not be here as a guide to action. Imagine what would have happened if all the strength had tried to inform others about the need for aid, and they would be turned away from You and did not react. But baby it all feels. A crying baby is not a way to “manipulate” adults, and a cry for help in a situation is really problematic for the baby.

Why is the child crying?

What you need to pay attention, trying to understand why the child is crying:

Mimics baby

The nature of the cry: intense, sharp, long, loud, the volume increases or decreases

When and ate as a child (when there is a crying before feeding, after feeding)

As the infant was sleeping (maybe he wants to sleep)

The motion arms and legs

If the time to respond to the cry baby – rocking, feeding, caressed, etc. in the future, the child will rapidly “to protest”. If the child does not have a care he can get used to this way of expressing their desires, and this habit will manifest it in the future that it will require just cry.

Screaming and crying is the first vocal reaction that teach your baby to communicate. If an adult is not only silent Pat the baby in answer to his cry and help him, but will respond to him in a low voice: “my hoooooooly that my prigovorennymi! Now I’ll feed you. Now Vanya eat”, etc. very soon mother will hear the first cry of the baby. The cry is the first sounds of a child’s speech! This is a short sound of “CH”, “mm”, “CGH” that the child will accompany their actions. And this is a real prespeech communication between child and mother.

Pediatricians say:

A newborn baby often cries when waking, he “sings” a loud sound with a long exhale without intonational expressiveness (“Whaaaa”).

Infants cry an average of 11 times per day, which is 117 minutes of screaming.

When mom begins to understand why the child is crying, and react to his crying, the duration of crying decreases.

During the day the baby’s crying between 16 and 20 hours.

In the first month of life the baby is restless between 8 and 12 hours, then goes away.

Specialists in the children’s crying as “talking baby with mother” distinguish the cry of pain, cry of hunger and a cry of displeasure. How to recognize the cause and understand why the child is crying? For this purpose there is “ABC weeping”, which describes the main types of weeping and signs.

Here’s how it looks like, “the ABCs of children’s crying for parents”, made famous researcher of child development in early childhood L. N. Pavlova.

Consider the main features of the different types of crying more and at the same time get an answer to our question – why is the child crying?

Demanding intonation

The most frequent crying in newborns

Intermittent crying, which is divided by several pauses. During pauses, the child is waiting for action mom and understands, hears his mom.

Feeding instantly soothes baby.

This is an important signal for the regulation of feeding regime.

Occurs 2 hours after the last feeding and later.

It is vital to learn to distinguish between this type of crying and quickly react to it.

Crying with a wet diaper

Occurs rarely. Many children do not cry about it. Many are crying insistently.

Has a plaintive tone.

The cry of displeasure – “I want to sleep”

Occurs most often after the age of 3 months

More likely to occur in the evening.

Whimpering, capricious or offended by the tone.

Similar to the whimpering patriciana.

Pediatricians know very well what cry of manifest illness of a child, therefore this issue should seek medical advice.

Often found crying in pain with increased intracranial pressure. It features:

Crying occurs for no reason

Long monotonous character crying

Often occurs at night. The baby may be insomnia.

Has irritable nature of intonation.

Crying for intestinal colic

Dating in the early months of a child’s life (3-4 months), then passes.

Redness of the face

The clenching of jaws,

Restlessness. Leg straightening: a child is running out legs, vigorously tosses them back, Bloating and regurgitation

The child becomes easier in an upright position

Most of the crying occurs in the evening

The crying lasts long

The child himself unable to calm down

May be the demand of food by the child’s refusal of it.

Paroxysmal crying with periods of amplification – attenuation.

To prevent this crying pediatricians advise: (a) before feeding, put the baby on the stomach to improve digestive functions, b) to put in the baby’s belly warmed by the battery or an iron diaper when crying,) to massage the stomach in a clockwise direction (as did our grandmothers – see “Petushki: the Russians traditsii”), g) to take the baby in his arms in a vertical position just as you start crying, to interest him in a toy, Pat, sing him a song, to comfort, to talk to the kid to shake.

How can that be, if the baby is crying, and so I say – build hypotheses to understand why a baby crying, simply no? It happens in our life. You can use the pause rule. Here’s what it means. When children screaming or crying, you first need to stop for 10-20 seconds and to analyze what can be the reason for baby’s crying, try to feel the baby and his needs, listen to cry, to remember the features of crying. And then to come to a crying baby and help him.

I would be glad if the article will be useful for You and Your baby! Let the child less crying and more smiles! Then the question “Why baby cry” will occur less and less. I wish You to reach an understanding with Your child and joyful communion with him!

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