Why is gypsum Board ceiling in the nursery deserves consideration?

To determine the ceiling for a child’s room is not easy. Wish he liked the child, and the material was not dangerous for him. Better yet, when the price for the repair is not hit on the wallet. To satisfy all these requirements can gypsum Board ceiling in the nursery, serve you it will be more than 20 years.

With drywall, you can align any even the most hopeless ceiling with a height difference of 5 to 10 cm, and more. This is especially relevant in our “Khrushchev”. Plate there initially laid crooked, and even modern mixes are not able to fix it.

If and to make quality plaster, after a few months not eliminated the risk that it will start to crack and crumble down.

Forget the crack, curvature, black ceilings, endless painting and whitewashing. Gypsum Board ceiling in the nursery is the most simple, inexpensive, high-quality and original solution which would you prefer and your child.

Cleanliness and friendliness

This material is completely safe for children and adults, therefore, considered to be one of the best finishing materials for residential premises. During its production no synthetic additives are not used. Only natural ingredients are cardboard and the gypsum reinforced fiber.


Some experts say that plasterboard ceilings harmless to humans because the acidity of the cast is equal to the acidity of the person.

Some plasterboard to choose for a child’s room?

Plaster ceilings – it’s a dream for every designer, and lover of beauty and aesthetic. All because any creative idea and imagination can be satisfied thanks to them.

They come in 2 types:



The first type is inexpensive and the simplest design solution. Single-level plasterboard ceiling will hide from the eyes of all the defects the main ceiling. You will receive a perfectly flat, smooth ceiling.

If the right approach to the design of the room, you can create out of a simple room a real fairy tale.

To do this, the ceiling, the designers draw their favorite characters from the cartoon of your child, nature, fabulous surroundings, etc. But if correctly positioned lighting can visually enlarge the space of the room.

The second kind is already the exclusive design of the ceiling in the nursery of the drywall on several levels, which you can create almost anything. Multilevel shape of the ceiling will make the room cozy, attractive and unusual. Available any form – inclined, curved, geometric, arched, vaulted. They can be angular and sharp, but for a child’s room better suited to the smooth form, as they are soft and not strict.

A standard set of shapes for children — the clouds, the sun, heroes favorite fairy tales and cartoons, month. But to ponder whether all this is true in 4-5 years, I think it is still necessary.

Multilevel designs and lighting, which will be discussed further, it is possible to achieve separation of the room into zones, which are needed for each child: for games, for leisure and for learning.

The location and intensity of lighting in ceilings

In the ceiling of plasterboard you can set 3 types of lamps:

Spotlights. This is a basic light fixture that fits into any interior. Such lamps can be grouped at the discretion of the owner. The concentration of the light is adjustable. You can even in every part of the room to create their own emphasis;


If the room your child is small, it can visually enlarge lighting. To do this, place the lamps around the perimeter so that the ceiling and walls reflected the light.

Raster fixtures. This light fixture is more suitable for decorative purposes, as it emits a uniform and soft light.


Using raster lamps children’s room can be given its own atmosphere: aggressive or calm, cold or warm. It is therefore important to pay special attention to the location of lighting fixtures in the room and their colors.

The led backlight. This 12V tape that changes color and shades. Their length is different, so pick the ribbon under the plasterboard ceiling is not difficult.


This lighting device has already completely replaced the bulky fluorescent lamps. With just one click of the remote you can instantly change the design of the nursery.

It is worth mentioning the classic version – chandelier. Thanks to it you can achieve festive and bright atmosphere in the nursery. As long as it was stylish and neat.

The children’s room is a multifunctional room. Your child is in it and plays, and learns, and resting. Therefore, regardless of how well designed the lighting in the room and the ceiling itself, will depend on his mood and emotional state.

Design experts recommend to learning and play areas to install bright lamps. So, your child will be comfortable to study and play in their area.

In the recreation area should be a little lights. Preferably they have a matte finish. Rustic and comfortable look of the ribbon above the bed.


Decorate design your kid’s room stylish lamps in the shape of butterflies, flowers, ladybugs, clouds, etc. But before choosing them, and the color of the future room, talk with your toddler.

In General, the main thing is to tell the designer what you want to achieve. If you still do not have a choice, the designer will help you to find a solution, like colors, figures, forms, shapes, style.

What you get with plasterboard ceilings in the children’s bedroom?

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