What to eat for Breakfast

Most people in a hurry in the morning going to work or school, so either on-the-go snack sandwich with a Cup of tea, or even go without Breakfast. Sometimes the Breakfast menu consists of the remnants of yesterday’s dinner, warmed in the microwave, and some day begins with scrambled eggs with sausage. And the first and second option bring your body more harm. than good. Of course, most people understand that a full Breakfast is a key to good health and normal functioning during the day, but still don’t want to spend 10-15 minutes in the morning for cooking and eating.

List of foods and dishes recommended for Breakfast, big enough, and if there is no desire in the morning to stand at the stove, then you can choose those that do not require long cooking. Of course, we all know from childhood that a proper Breakfast is porridge, but cook it in the morning, often once. But there are many other products that can make a complete nutritious Breakfast. Nutritionists agree that in the mornings it is useful to eat cereals, dairy products and fruits.

A quick Breakfast

The most useful for the organism is considered to be freshly squeezed orange juice, which contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals. In European countries the juice of this fruit is an integral part of Breakfast. It does not matter if oranges at hand was not, you can drink a Cup of any other fruit or vegetable juice. All fruits and vegetables also contain many nutrients. But it should be noted that drinking fresh juices on an empty stomach is not recommended because of the content of large amounts of acids that can irritate the stomach lining.

Wholegrain or rye bread will supply our body with carbohydrates, fiber, b vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Muesli and cereal can replace the bread, and if you have them for Breakfast with milk, yogurt or kefir, the hunger won’t bother you until dinner. But white bread and muffins from the Breakfast menu should be removed, because they are few, and energy for their digestion and the body needs to spend a lot.

Very useful to add to the Breakfast with fresh fruit (bananas, apples, pears, etc.), but, unfortunately, in the winter and early spring from them is of little use, so you can replace them with dried fruit. Dried apricots, prunes, dried pears, figs, raisins retain vitamins all winter.

Milk and dairy products are eaten for Breakfast, also stills hunger and give energy until lunch. It is better to choose a yogurt enriched with live cultures of lactic acid bacteria and prebiotics, which contain no preservatives and artificial colors. Cheese, which contains large amounts of calcium and protein. also can diversify a healthy Breakfast.

Honey is a storehouse of vitamins and other nutrients. A couple of spoons of this valuable product will help to supply the body with useful nutrients, and increase resistance to stress and pathogenic factors.

Many are accustomed to drink for Breakfast a Cup of tea or coffee. Black tea is better to substitute green or herbal, and coffee is better to boil in ibrik. But we should not abuse strong coffee to Wake ourselves up (better to take a contrast shower or take a charge).

So, it turns out, there is nothing wrong to eat a Breakfast sandwich with a Cup of tea. However, it should be remembered that this sandwich will be useful to the organism, if it is made from rye bread with cheese instead of a slice of bread and sausage.

Children’s Breakfast

Growing children and teenagers requires a lot of energy throughout the day, so it is important that the child received the morning a sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins. Every parent should be attentive to their children Breakfast. Children’s menu should include foods rich in protein (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream), complex carbohydrates (cereals) and fiber (fruits and vegetables).

The perfect Breakfast for a child is milk porridge, a very useful oatmeal, semolina, buckwheat and rice. In porridge, you can add fresh or dried fruits and berries. Kids love cottage cheese for Breakfast, pancakes with sour cream or scrambled eggs with vegetables. As the ideal drink fresh fruit or vegetable juice, jelly or cocoa.

Sometimes the parents have no time to cook porridge or cook cheesecakes. In such case, you can offer a child a boiled egg, hot cereal or cereal with milk. And as a second Breakfast can give your child’s lunchbox fruit (Apple, banana) and drinkable yogurt.

Breakfast for men

It is known that in men the consumption of calories more than the fairer sex, especially if the man is engaged in physical labor, so they need a hearty, nutritious Breakfast. In the menu you want to include protein foods (meat, dairy products), foods that contain complex carbohydrates, bread, vegetables and fruit.

Fastest option men’s Breakfast – scrambled eggs, which is preferably to cook without meat. The ideal option is an omelet with vegetables and cheese. Very healthy Breakfast for representatives of the stronger sex – oatmeal, which contains protein, vitamins and minerals are essential for men’s health.

Men engaged in physical labor, for Breakfast we can offer a casserole of pasta or potato with minced meat, vegetables and cheese, cheese or pancakes with sour cream.

Breakfast for women

Ladies are usually very carefully monitor their appearance, body shape and weight. To always look good, to have a beautiful complexion and good mood, you must start the day with a healthy Breakfast.

The perfect Breakfast for women is oatmeal. Brew it like you can on milk and on water, and berries, fresh or dried fruit will make the usual oatmeal even more delicious. Hercules contains all nutrients essential for female health, no wonder oatmeal has long been called “porridge of beauty”.

Women after 30 years it is necessary to carefully take care of their health. Nutritionists advise to remember pearl barley porridge, which is a huge source of vitamins, macro – and micronutrients. In this cereal contains calcium, iron. iodine, phosphorus, vitamins a, D, E and b group, amino acids and many other substances which help to slow down the aging process and strengthen the immune system. For example, the amino acid lysine contained in the barley in large quantities, involved in the synthesis of collagen, which is necessary to preserve the elasticity and youthful skin.

In addition to Breakfast cereals for women should include dairy products, fruits, vegetables and juices. Coffee and black tea it is better to replace green. Its benefits cannot be overstated, because green tea helps to maintain beauty and youthful skin, good digestion, helps to fight obesity. and also is a good way to prevent cancer.

Useful for women’s health and beauty, scientists have recognized products such as avocado, kiwi and cheese. Therefore, a light salad with avocado, the sandwich of rye bread with cheese and a Cup of green tea can also make a healthy Breakfast for the ladies.

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