Toast-wishes, professional, parents, children

We wish you that your life was bright as a Sunny day like this champagne glass, clear as the sky over the desert. And let like stars in the night sky, the lights are always shining in the Windows of your friends and family, the lights of hope. Be healthy, happy and lucky!

Artistic and beautiful. It seems that your whole life is a theater in which the main role, of course, you play. You’re doing it great, and always let fate will favor you and the clouds of adversity will never spoil your beautiful look.

When calm the soul? When all that I want, it comes to pass, all that can, it is that thinks, then turns. I wish that your life was passed quietly, and the soul was always calm!

We wish to have you all been good. But if not well, very well. And if not good, then great! Let all your wishes will come true!

Once that is removed from the water, you’re clean. In crystal clear your eyes — the purity of your soul and thoughts! Let that river, from which thou hast come, will be as transparent and no hardship will overshadow its waters.

Easy-going, do you like a noisy, fun company. You make them in colors of joy and charm. I wish that at any minute, whether it be joy or sorrow, you were surrounded by faithful, loyal friends!

The child is blameless, so the fate always favors him. Raising a glass of wine, wish you in life good luck in all Affairs.

Our whole life is like a caravan, slowly but steadily to its current purpose. We wish that your caravan was rich with the sun shining, but not scorched, and that as often as possible in the way of your caravan met oases, rich with life-giving moisture!

We wish you good luck,

Health, light and heat.

So young and hot

Life happiness was full.


Birthday is a good time,

But always a little sad.

Our best in life.

Let your birthday

Family warmth will keep you warm.

Just wish heartily

Health, happiness, kindness.

Don’t remember the sorrows and woes,

In the birthday of the most expensive for me in person I suggest you to raise your glasses and drink up! After all, everyone is given life, as a reward. I’m on your birthday I want to tell you that fate has given me you as a reward! I think everyone sitting here at the holiday table, I wish you love with a lot of happiness, luck and health. And I believe that your life will always be full of dignity, hope and hard work!

Propose a toast for parents our birthday. It is only thanks to them we can witness this glorious guy, which consists of some positive qualities.

Birthday is a special date.

This holiday with nothing to compare.

Someone wise came up with once

Birthday the joy of giving.

Joy, fun, smiles,

Wishes of health and strength.

Happiness was cloudless,

To success each and every day to come.

Let somebody say that a birthday is a sad holiday. Don’t believe them! Your beauty does not fade with time, you are every year more beautiful, even more beautiful, you get a year wiser. Never mind that the years pass quickly, and they won’t stop, they should be treasured!

Today we are gathered at this table to congratulate our birthday. Birthday is a great excuse to come to man and talk about what is on your heart. With clear conscience I can say that my heart is a great joy because you, our dear birthday boy, living on earth, because thou near us and always ready to give to a friend to help. Thank you for what you have. Wish you continue to enjoy life, let it gives you only pleasant surprises.

Professional toast

Violinist consults with others:

– I’m going to marry, but what do you think, can a a genius to be a good spouse?

I don’t know, better ask my wife.

For us, for geniuses!

The most humane profession on earth is the doctor. Doctors give healing our illnesses, prolong our lives, ease suffering, provide bulletins. Well then do not respect the doctor how not to worship him for his burden and humanity. Lay on the altar of Hippocrates flowers of gratitude and Express our warmest gratitude to You in Your day, as a talented representative of the profession.

Long live the hero of the day!

According to legend, there is a Black river, the color of which give ink famous authors, favorites of glory. In these waters McCauley their feathers and Homer, and Shakespeare. And such is the power of this moisture that one drop is enough man made himself immortal. Our hero of the day, no doubt, dipped the pen in this magical moisture. For him low bow.

Comes once a new Russian in a bookstore and asked the seller:

– Give me, please, a book about 30 puppies.

– My son said he needed a book about 30 puppies.

– And not name?

– My son said he needed a book about 30 puppies.

The artist is given a high purpose on earth is to convey to us the higher UPS of the human soul and enrich the palette of our spirituality. I want to sincerely Express the celebrant a sense of sympathy and appreciation for his talent.

I am in love with business people in their work, creative flair, courage, risk, ingenuity, prudence, foresight, the ability to overcome all difficulties and therefore with great pleasure drink for our friend. We wish him a fair wind, brokerage seats on stock exchanges and all your wishes come true!

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