Tips for parents, questionnaire

I offer a recommendation for parents and a questionnaire for nutrition of pre-school children. The material will help to make the menu for the summer child in kindergarten and at home.

Summer growth processes in children occur most intensively, therefore increasing their need for protein is mainly of plastic material.

In addition, on hot days the child’s body loses through sweat considerable quantity of minerals and vitamins. To cover these additional costs will require a higher caloric content and nutritional value of children’s diet. On the other hand, on hot days in children often there are changes in the gastrointestinal tract is decreased appetite.

Why, dear parents, You organize your child’s diet in the summer?

First, the caloric intake should be increased by about 10-15%. To this end, in the child’s diet should increase the amount of milk and dairy products, mainly due to the dairy drinks and cheese, as most sources of complete protein.

Summer in the child’s diet need to include the first vegetables: radish, early cabbage, turnips, carrots, beets, beet tops, fresh cucumbers, then tomatoes, potatoes and various fresh herbs as vegetable and wild: dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce, green onions, garlic, rhubarb, sorrel, nettles, etc.

The second feature of the organization of child nutrition in the summer is a more rational organization of the child’s diet. In the hot summer months the diet recommended to change so that lunch and afternoon tea are reversed. This mode is more physiological. The fact is that especially in the hot midday hours, when the appetite is dramatically reduced, he offered more than a light diet consisting mainly of milk drinks, biscuits or bread and fruit. It is easy to cope with such food, after which it is placed for NAPs. Rested and hungry after a light “snack”, the child will happily eat the entire meal, consisting of the most nutritious protein-rich meals.

Increasing daily caloric intake of the child may also be achieved by increasing the nutritional value of Breakfast. It is recommended to include some protein-rich dish (meat, fish, cheese, egg). It is also physiologically more appropriate, as after a night’s sleep in the cool morning time kids eat with great appetite.

In the summer, in addition to conventional four meals, the child can be given a fifth feeding in the form of a Cup of yogurt or milk before bedtime. This is particularly rational in the case when the dinner is given at an earlier date, and time of placing the baby for a night’s sleep a few moves away because of the length of the day.

In the summer time need to pay attention to the drinking regime. On hot days significantly increased the body’s need for fluid. So you should always have a supply of freshly boiled water, and even better – broth hips, unsweetened compote or juice. Then it will be possible for the baby use raw water, especially in country conditions, which may create the risk of digestive disorders.

The use of raw juices is another step toward good health. This is a significant source of vitamins, minerals and many beneficial micronutrients. In many juices with pulp (the nectars) a lot of pectin, and it. As you know, has the ability to bind the products of putrefaction and fermentation in the intestine and in this way remove them from the body. That’s why nectars can play the role of drinks “protection” to remove harmful toxic substances from the body.

Dear mom and dad, remember:

Carrot juice helps to normalize the metabolism, improving the hematopoiesis and oxygen transport, stimulates physical and mental development.

Beet juice – normalize neuromuscular stimulation in cases of stress, dilates the blood vessels.

Tomato juice – normalizes the stomach and intestines, improves the activity of the heart, contains a lot of vitamin C.

Banana juice – lots of vitamin C.

Apple juice strengthens the cardiovascular system, normalizes metabolism, improves blood.

Grape juice has a tonic, bactericidal, diuretic, laxative effect, helps lower blood pressure.

Here are some summer recipes for kids, which I hope they will like.

1 . Radish salad with green onions .

Red radish to clear topper, white from the skin, thoroughly wash, pour over boiling water, cut into slices, mix with finely chopped green onions, polite, season with vegetable oil.(Radish 50g, green onion 10g. vegetable oil 4 g)

2. Green soup

Sorrel and young nettles to sort, wash, pour over boiling water, drain the water, the leaves pass through a meat grinder. In boiling broth chopped potatoes, cook until tender, for. 10-15 minutes before end of cooking, add the prepared sorrel and nettles, spasserovat in butter onions. Serve with swept away, finely chopped egg, hard-boiled.(Sorrel 40g, potatoes 30g, onion 10 grams, butter 5g, cream 10g, egg 1/3 greens PCs 5g)

3. The rhubarb jelly

Rhubarb clean, wash, cut into pieces, boil in water until soft, RUB through a sieve. Add sugar, bring to a boil, pour in while stirring dissolved in cold water, potato flour, again bring to a boil and immediately sow with fire.(Rhubarb 40g, sugar 15g, potato flour 6g)

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