The Man asks for money

He’s from the US but working in England. He is 44 years old and one daughter.

Met on the MySpace site. I was there the blog talked about their classes with kids in the group “Together with mother”. I wrote both women and men. I wondered how many single men abroad, independently raising children. It had a friendly chat. Christopher showed more interest, more energy.

We began to communicate frequently, he called and wrote every day. Sent photos – always with my daughter. Was correct, but the feelings and beautiful words struck me in an endless stream. Talked about work, dreaming of our life together. Affairs required him to travel to China, the girl was left with a babysitter.

And went. From our chat:

Please i need to get my materials shipped out and Kelvin is helping me too get money. Just help me as much as you can ok.

In short, began to ask for money, saying that his friend helps, but it’s not enough.

I explained that it was impossible. Letters began to come less often, telephone calls actually stopped. Not to say that asked for forgiveness.

Then came the experience: the daughter was in the hospital, he’s trapped. And again, please, no. 2. The amount decreased. Few days never called, wrote notes that problems with the computer.

And further: classic style marriage scams:

I don’t know who else to ask,please don’t let my daughter die.

(It’s one of his last letters. Request No. 3).

Out of money on surgery, don’t let my daughter die.

After that I just deleted it.

And yet. he became confused time: call allegedly from China, was heard English spoken, and in China at this time of night. Then there were calls from the apartment. I heard the TV. The sound was the same background ( and when he was in England and when I was in China).

I am a teacher and am a single mother of a child. Were internal impulses to help. But what?

And mom by the way watched a program about marriage scams.

The second story

Registered on the international Dating site not for the purpose of Dating, rather out of curiosity. I already have some experiences on such sites, and has developed with many of the inhabitants of the sites warm friendships.

So when the very next day received a letter allegedly from an Englishman, I peculiar to me with distrust for his enthusiastic letter. But in order to make sure that I’m not mistaken, and it really scammer, I’m armed with Your advice, kept up a correspondence with K. M. Not going to talk about love, which he conceived to me, I cite only the last letter to me.


Am in a great sorrow writing you this note, Just wanted to inform you about something very important, I could barely think straight at this point, I hope you come to my aid Because something very terrible is happening to me now, I need a favor from you now, I had a trip here in Madrid Spain.

Unfortunately for me all my money got stolen on my way to the hotel where I lodged along with my bag were my passport was

And since then I have been without any money I am even owing the hotel here.

So I have limited access to emails for now, please I need you to lend me about 2,600 Euro so I can make arrangements and return back I am full of panic now, the police only asked me to write a statement about the incident and directed me to the embassy, I have spoken to the embassy here but they are not responding to the matter effectively, I will return the money back to you as soon as I get home, I am so confused right now. I wasn’t injured because I complied immediately. You can send me sms with this number: +38097**36861. Thanks.

I will be waiting to hear from you since I can’t access the internet always.

Sincerely Yours.


I must say we had fun with my daughter and son-in-law reading this letter. I sent in response that, unfortunately, I can’t send him a text, because the phone is paid by my company, but I ask him to send your details so I listed all that I have in my soul, by the Western Union. As you know – no answer!

I must say, fantasy these gentlemen do not possess any – almost all the letters were without referring to me by name, the specific questions raised answered vaguely, he was an orphan, brought up by foster parents, 7 year old son lives with his wife. The entire set of scammer!

Girls – be the wiser!

The history of the third

Another case will tell.

He, allegedly, an Englishman, divorced, 2 children. He has his own business, for the supply of materials for construction of swimming pools and something else. Keith winters from London.

After a day of chatting on MSN, sent an enthusiastic letter that I turned his life that he was waiting for me that my eyes and my smile (although not yet seen me. ) drove him mad, etc.

It became immediately clear that not the same to me such letters were written, just a huge declarations of love. But it was interesting how it will end. Began to communicate, he rang a couple of times. In the video, the contact did not come out and said that broken camera, although the sit the camera icon was (which suggests that the camera is still there)!

Then we made an offer, even more than alarmed, I immediately thought that he sex slaves lures. But no, the usual scammer was.

Then he said that he was forced to leave on a business trip, because the manufacturer delays the delivery of components. “Moved” in China, but in Skype and MSN appeared again at the same time as before. But the questions about the time in China is always answered correctly and said that he can’t sleep because worried about her business. While he wrote these declarations of love that Shakespeare would envy (although obviously copied)

Then his goods are allegedly detained by customs, the problems with registration and other Friends of him do not give money, but he still hopes to resolve the issue. As a result, he “had” to go to Africa to solve the problems with customs. And finally he’s ready. Painted, as there are all corrupt that with bribe, and all the money he has invested in the product.

My questions about the business rules for processing customs declarations (and I have a thing) gave vague answers. Then asked me 1800 euros at solving problems. Yes + besides his mother is sick and needs money for her treatment. In General, let, says, money, settle all problems at once marry.

I asked him before this letter, in which hotel he lives, he called. After receiving this letter, I told him in Skype answered that call in a hotel, but this guest was not there. He got nervous and said there was apparently messed up. The room number at the hotel he also was not willing to provide!

I went on (not to lie, so lie!), said I have a friend of the Ambassador in that country, and he can provide assistance with customs, to which he immediately refused, without giving reasons. He to me is still a reproach to put that why I keep calling became, I would say that there is no money, and all .and there is such a test. it is very frustrating.

Next went the story that after the divorce, the wife took from him half the inheritance that he had to pay the Bank, and all of this is expensive, etc. etc. At the same time he began to ask my contact details, name and address. Naturally not received. To the question “why?” said that he had learned in his time.

In General, I had fun in full, such scammer I was first caught.

Now I have a collection of declarations of love, which would have envied, and Casanova

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