The First month after giving birth

Birth of a child always, as they say, a holiday. However, here as in the tale, when all ends with a wedding, but no one talks like the main characters lived after the wedding…. So I had the idea to share with you the main points that are not considered young mothers while they are pregnant… All of the following terms refers to those moms who are at home a few days after birth, because in case of any complications, things are completely different…

Controversial issue – to give birth with or without a husband. This will let each pair decide depending on their lifestyle, mentality, etc! My personal belief is if you can’t bring your husband, bring someone you trust, just be sure to walk him around the courses in preparation for childbirth. Even the mere presence of a person is very helpful, but if he will know how to do massage, how to control your breathing, so all wonderful!

No matter how it looks before birth, that you’re strong, and easily able to cope with everything, one should not overestimate its strength. Before giving birth I thought I was for sure going to get it.

– wash,

– to prepare,

– caress,

– walk with a child,

– to care for him,

– to monitor senior,

– clean the apartment (I love cleanliness and order!!)

and still going with white and fluffy!

And as I proudly told my friend recently born, that all you can manage, the main thing is to organize the process. In response, she sighed and smiled sourly… Then to her question about how I have time, I sighed.

So, convinced by personal experience, I believe that help is needed – whether a husband on vacation or mother in the evenings. Better then to refuse help than she will be missed. I made it so that in addition to her husband there was no one to help, but his vacation was only 8 days, 4 of which he spent on a business trip… besides, after the birth I had low hemoglobin, so the weakness was terrible, plus getting up at night – all this led to the fact that by the end of 1 month was observed something like postpartum depression and chronic fatigue.

The first month in communication with the baby is very difficult.

Firstly, you do not have a common language. You don’t know what he wants, he knows what you can expect. From baby there is no reverse reaction, he still can not consciously smile when one smile can forgive everything – and getting up at night, and a lack of communication, etc., etc.

Secondly, the baby can be a gas or colic. Here is no reason to panic, though really want, and getting the thoughts in my head that, well, I’m a bad mother, time can not calm his Malyshka. Thoughts aside, because the case-you – everyday! Signs of colic: they always happen paroxysmal and at the same time, usually towards the evening (we were from 10-30 to 12 midnight), baby during colic cries out loud, sometimes with a heart-rending anguish – don’t be alarmed. Your actions during the attack: massage the abdomen clockwise with slight pressure of the fingers to massage will be 2 fingers, because the tummy is tiny!), flexion-extension legs, warm diaper is on her tummy (we kept on battery diaper, and when she was right – she’s ready!).

During the day poite babe or dill water (we didn’t try), or special tea (we gave Hippy Finchley tea, and when it was over – Plantex, both helped good). Most importantly, dear mom who is breastfeeding – watch your diet. Set aside at least a month cabbage, cucumbers, all fried, greasy, marinated – in short everything that can cause problems with digestion.

And about colic. This is perfectly logical reasoning for my husband. If cramps occur because the stomach and intestines can’t cope with what they have, then the extra portion of food only enhances this effect, so it would be logical to ease baby the digestive process. Namely, during the attack of the baby not to feed, and drink tea. Honestly, give the baby the breast when he is filled with crying, really want… Although some sources argue that water the baby need, they say, with milk, water, colic but it really helps! I understand that while you are in the situation, it all seems distant, and it’s not for you, but if someone will remember my advice after delivery at the right time, I will be very happy!!

Thirdly, do not be afraid that the baby is so tiny, krupenko, and you can hurt him. He, I assure you, is much stronger than you think. So Pelonite, dress shirts-sliders boldly and do not be afraid!

The maternal instinct.

Paradoxically, immediately after birth, for some reason he doesn’t appear… Although is it just me, probably.

At first from lack of sleep, postpartum weakness, and similar unsolicited States I have not experienced tender feelings for the creature, deprived me of rest… came later, after three weeks So do not worry if you will… You are not a bad mother, just have to wait a bit!

The psychological state of mothers.

Will depend directly on the above components! If you’re in the first month to sleep, relax, it will be much easier than if everything is Vice versa. Another such moment. You may wish that the world began to revolve around you and your child, so that everyone around you was walking on eggshells just because you have a small child. God forbid you let go of this desire to chance… Remember, your child is your problem, as it would be desirable, that it was not so…

They, like mad, to ring, to congratulate, to advise, to bother, one word. Try to care to negotiate with them took over your assistant, whether the husband or the person you are helping – mother, friend, etc. If not, spit on advice given with a high bell tower (within reason, of course)! Because ONLY YOU KNOW what your baby needs, even reading smart books – purely by instinct…

The relationship with her husband.

If there is no – read on. And if there is… the First month in a relationship with her husband could be a dumb question that will be read in the eyes, and how we do it. You will constantly seek in each other the answer to the question – what’s a child to do? And not finding the answer. And you will not find! Because in the first month, none of you knows what to do with it! So my advice – often talk with one another, discuss. Men being more logical and women more emotional. Women in a difficult moment tend to panic and tears, and men tend to act. A simple example. My daughter is two weeks from birth. Night. Colic. My daughter is crying, almost screaming… I shake her and cry over her from powerlessness to do anything to stop the crying… the Husband to work in the morning, behind the wheel, I want him to sleep, so with my daughters I go myself… But couldn’t sleep, when the baby is crying… Finally the husband fails silently takes my daughter and begins to do her a massage… Baby calms down, and I am ashamed of myself – I was able to guess that we should want to get a massage to do – how much I read about it! But at the moment, everything flew out of my head.

Don’t reject the help of her husband, no matter how awkward it may seem. And moreover, involve him in the conversation with the baby.

– Honey, watch the little man while I’m in the shower!

Maybe the kid is going to sleep all this time, but will sleep under his control! And do not swear, if when leaving the soul finds a crying baby and a confused husband! Again – matter-it happens! Otherwise, a shower you will be taking much less.

Well wishes to expectant mothers.

Don’t worry, all will be well with you. You will be good mothers, even if you suddenly find that it is not so! Remember – you are the best mom in the world. And to the point.

Ella Volodina

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