The Education of girls

Modern style – assertive, aggressive, bold. Teenage girls trying to keep up guys: foul language, doing karate and Wu Shu, Smoking, drinking, “change partners”, often joined gangs. Femininity many feel undervalued, seen as a sign of weakness. In honor of a friend’s He-man, are able to put the opponent on shovels. Them, however, it is difficult to imagine a gentle, caring mothers. But it is not necessary, they are not that type. And look at toys. Unless earlier girls were invited to play in culturistic, hung with a variety of weapons? In fairness, I note that charming dolls with porcelain faces, too, of course, is on the shelves. But first, cannot afford them, and secondly, this is yesterday, the retro. I’m not talking about books. In fact, twenty years ago, we had enough specifically the maiden references (here it is, “asexual pedagogy”!): read to the holes “Dink” Aseeva, some story of Lev Kassil, novels of Alexander green, very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. “girls, girls, Girls is the book for you.” Now books for girls and less. Old not all reissued, and the new is, in General, crime and adventure for boys and about boys. Even “Alice” Kir Bulychev, in my experience, prefer to read to the boys!(Yes, it’s a fantastic adventure!) We rightly criticize Latin American soap operas, but do not offer girls high quality samples of romanticism. The same can be said about the now popular among teenage girls Boulevard books, urgently translated from English or hastily concocted by Russian authors. Not only do they spoil the taste in literature, undeveloped in modern children. So still – and this is the main danger – absorbing such literary concoction, girls are filled with completely unnecessary in the age of knowledge, learning, “the art of seduction,” assimilate views and attitudes, which, as a rule, do not lead to anything good. These books are very often linked with sex and romance. Using the fact that teenage girls like a hundred years ago, dream of love, the authors make a clever substitution: instead of Platonic love, a lofty target young readers. That with the utmost frankness is expressed in teenage magazines headers type “Do you at the age of thirteen still a virgin?”. In books it can be a bit camouflaged, but the essence remains unchanged. Most modern pulp fiction for teen girls inflames sensuality, inspires thought about the validity and even desirability bedding relationships in adolescence and presents as a reference image of an assertive, self-confident, impatient of the heroine, who does not hesitate to intrude guys (she is called “succeed”), often behaves like a complete prostitute, above all, puts their own pleasure, and because, of course, violates “obsolete” moral norms, considering them stupid, dense prejudices. One of the main qualities of such virgins – cleared-up self-will, the beautifully named “freedom”. Her parents, of course, “do not understand”, “interfere”, “pressure”.

And the rest will follow. Probably, to someone it will seem strange. “Nothing to nothing is attached – he will say. – If you put family first, work should forget”. A family or career. It does not happen to people focused on one thing, and another had worked itself out. But oddly enough, in this issue, this iron logic often faltering. Although, if you think about it, what is so strange? For women with established personal fate is often distorted nature. Fact? – The fact. Many grow more embittered, be touchy, irritable, ambitious, vengeful-petty. This, of course, is not the best way affects their relationships with co-workers, and, hence, on career. Conflicted person making enemies, colleagues strive to get rid of it. And if, say, the woman is constantly scandals in the family? If the children got out of hand? How much would the mother nor drove from painful, disturbing thoughts, they are not going anywhere, and will still interfere with her focus on work. Yes, sometimes we plunge into the work with his head, trying to forget. But then the work becomes a kind of drug. And any addiction is a dangerous trap. How often in our day women dream about a career, deep down, being grieved that they have to spend time nurturing the unborn child! But if anything – and it turns out, nothing cute. If only the child was alive and healthy. “All Valino childhood I traveled on business trips. I liked the profession of geologist! I dreamed of becoming a doctor, I was promised a brilliant future. Val stayed with my parents. He was bored, crying, asked: “Mama, don’t go!” Then as he grew older and kind of used. And then, at the age of thirteen, suddenly became something of a stranger retreated, began to clash with the guys, the teachers. I got worried, tried to spend more time at home. Then I even leave work early to care for their child. But it was too late. Now he’s gone the boy killed himself – ed.> and I understand that I don’t need neither the thesis nor the head of Department or travel abroad.” How many mothers recognize themselves in this sad confession from a lady who came to me one day after my speech in some club or at the library. Of course, not all stories end so tragically, but the General meaning remains the same: building a career at the expense of raising children, the woman eventually loses both fields. A bit about the cons “of asexual pedagogy” Changing traditional roles and behaviours are always fraught with negative consequences. Although sometimes it is not immediately obvious. In recent years, not only here but also in other countries, we increasingly hear voices in defense of separate education for boys and girls. In one English County recently set up an experiment and found that academic performance in schools with separate training higher than where boys and girls study together. Weird? – No way! The fact that physiologically and psychologically the boys for a few years behind girls. So when they learn together, the boys develop a complex failure. In primary and secondary schools and they are shorter than girls, and often physically weaker, and aaccurate. In the notebooks they have dirt, handwriting worse, scores, respectively, too.

She was not 18 when a failed delivery in the collective farm hospital she amputated the uterus. Thank God, survived son. Itself Camille to 30 years fell in love and got pregnant. Fortunately for her, she realized that she was not guilty in a fruitless marriage. By this time it became clear that two subsequent marriage of her ex-husband were childless. But unfortunately, she, a Muslim woman could not give birth outside of marriage ( and her favorite was married and had children ). And Camille had an abortion, condemning themselves to a cruel game in childlessness. But if the only way! After the abortion, samalova his sins, she takes on the education of the girl from the hospital, abandoned by the mother. This is a somewhat complicated story. The girl’s mother is a cousin Kamili DIL ( Note: a blood relative, we are talking about generic programs!). So, cousin Kamili Diehl came to town to go to College. Her classmate with whom she had long hidden love, too, went to College in this town. Away from the relatives of their love manifested itself in full, but. they could not go against religious traditions and requirements

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