The Child is not sleeping during the day

Every kid under the age of 7 years must sleep — this rule inspire parents, education specialists and child care. In all modes day — what is described on the Internet that used in kindergartens — day dream there is certainly. However, many parents are familiar with the fact that the child is not sleeping during the day. And there are babies who refuse to rest or sleep very bad, even in the months of age.

The reasons why the child is not sleeping

Various reasons why you might have a little sleep in the afternoon, pretty much. For example, one of the major — the child doesn’t need NAPs. Although it seems that children grow in your sleep, it is more important for these purposes it was night sleep. Therefore, as a rule, children who refuse to rest during the day, more than compensate for his good night. However, this is true only for kids who don’t suffer nervous breakdowns, inadequate behavior, moodiness and irritability. So to pacify temperament need at least a few hours of sleep per day in addition.

Another reason why the child can’t sleep during the day, called the peculiarities of his temperament. These little ones are usually related to children with special needs. This usually hyperactive children, who are particularly impulsivity, activity, emotionality. Their excessive activity does not give them the right to relax. In addition, they can be celebrated and disorders of nocturnal sleep, which will manifest in the form of bed-wetting, sleepwalking, etc.

Excitement or overwork also be the reason that the child is not sleeping during the day. However, it is rather a one-time phenomenon, associated for example, going to the circus, zoo, or other events that knocked the kid from the usual schedule. Typically, these deviations from the mode cause too much fatigue and stress of the nervous system, which prevents the baby to sleep. Accordingly, the inverse problem becomes insufficient fatigue. If the child has not spent all of his energy, for example, sitting at home instead of walking on the street, was busy drawing instead of active play, he also can not sleep during the day.

The interruption mode of the day — another reason why the little child sleep during the day. The failure of the regime to confuse day with night, short dreams on the bus when you got tied up somewhere and not able to return home to put the baby to bed, lead to problems with falling asleep.

Baby does not sleep during the day and when his life took a major change, and it is stressful. And causes that can disrupt the composure of a baby can be even unusual weather such as excessive heat. Especially the meteorological factors affect the condition month old babies who are not yet fully adapted to the surrounding world. Growth spurts, divorce of parents, moving in the summer to the country — all of this easily leads to the fact that the child will be bad to sleep during the day. Because everything around him is new and unusual, causing the increased anxiety, and sleep as if by magic.

And, of course, disorders of daytime sleep can occur as a reaction to some discomfort. Teething, headache or ears, stuffy nose — how to sleep in such conditions? Here the child and breaks the mode. However, in this case, the lack of sleep during the day will be complemented by moodiness, crying and other symptoms that indicate a problem.

What solutions to the problem

For starters, parents need to understand why the child does not sleep during the day. If the reason is that he doesn’t need sleep, do not force. Find other ways of calming and relaxing for the baby, who will restore to him the power for further games and development.

Hyperactive children need to be observed by a neurologist, who will adjust their behavior. For these kids it is especially important to keep to the schedule. In addition, you need to put the game on your computer or tablet, watching TV and cartoons in unlimited quantities. Overly active play is also not the best option.

If the child is overtired or over-excited, be sure to make it early for the night and start the next day to return it to its usual rhythm. If the rejection of the sleep associated with relocation or other serious reasons in the child’s life, take this with all the understanding and help the baby to adapt to new circumstances. Moreover, even if you find it hard, still with the child need to be tender and gentle. After all, it is much harder, because he has not grown yet and may not fully understand and appreciate what is happening.

Violations of the NAP due to the fact that the baby is not tired, adjusted extra load. If the child does not have enough activity, write it on a mug, leave him outside to play active games. All this will allow the child to enter into a new mode and completely wasting time on learning new things. Daytime sleep can return.

When the failure mode of the day it can be repaired. But will have to try connecting rituals. Be sure to develop rituals to waste night’s sleep, eating and even the start of the games. All this will help the child to form certain reflexes that allow him to fall asleep during the day.

A child age 1 month not sleeping during the day

Monthly kids should sleep a lot — almost the whole day such a tiny baby solid sleep. This is necessary for normal development and the accumulation of forces. However, often there are times when a newborn is not sleeping during the day or sleeping very little and poorly. If the monthly child can not sleep during the day, it is necessary to understand the reasons.

The definition of the problem is that the baby can not complain about words that bothers him. So mom will have to pick for yourself. To start is to check the external causes — perhaps the child is cold or peed, alternatively, he may be hungry. Sleep problems can cause different problems with the respiratory tract, for example, a runny nose or swelling of the nose. If none of these reasons is not a sleep disorder month baby, it is worth to look further.

Perhaps the child in the room uncomfortable conditions. Most often parents are trying hard to heat in the room and I’m afraid to open the window to ventilate. This creates an unfavorable situation for the baby. Because his development is best suited cool temperature — about 18-21 degrees. In addition, it is desirable to achieve in your child’s room humidity and the freshness of the air.

Uncomfortable clothes that are too tight swaddling — all of this also becomes the reason why the child does not sleep during the day. Of course, it helps to dress the child so that he sweetly fell asleep.

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