Spoiled child

It is almost impossible to spoil a baby in the first year of life however, in this time you can lay the Foundation for its needed in the future. Children under nine months are not yet aware of that cry to manipulate their parents. What to do for a child grew up spoiled?

The sign said something to him.

If your child is short-tempered, whiny, very dependent on adults, constantly complains and cries over nothing, like a matter of life or death if he does not compromise and is very stubborn, know – it spoiled. Spoiled child relies on the parents and, as is typical in the absence of independence, childish and not able to come to terms with giving something up. A spoiled child does not feel the boundaries of their desires. “I want” – and to the point! He does not accept that the desire can be contentedly a little later, or not satisfied at all. He needs right now! Instead of getting your child starts to act up – to scream, to cry, in short, continue to demand. A habit to get everything at once, form a passive attitude to the world. Indeed, why bother, when all desires and so executed by themselves?

Parents who pay little attention to the kid, trying to compensate for this attention gifts and toys, not realizing that the toys your child will not replace parental love and affection. Busy at work, and sometimes on two, the parents, trying to feed and clothe the Joneses their child, often children simply “grow” and not raise.

It is always easier and faster for one minute the tie a child’s shoelaces, than a long and painful wait until he can handle himself. According to the same scheme happens and in-store tantrums. Easier to put the child candy and stop moaning, than to have a substantive conversation about the rules of behavior in the store, as well as educated about how to earn money and why at this point the baby will not receive a toy.

At the age of 2.5 – 3 years with the right approach, the child is able to perceive these patterns as easy help mom or any personal achievement – for example, self-buttoned jacket and the reward is in the form of candy. These kids are quiet in the store, because the issue of buying sweets completely depends on the child. They do better in school because they have a higher than peer motivation for success, deliver fewer problems in adolescence, and quite easily into adulthood, knowing that nothing in this world goes just like that!

In other words, educated children – it’s hard work of parents, and to instill a little fidget basics of behavior in society and personal responsibility for yourself, you have to listen to him and explain, not to indulge the whims and spoil.

Reasons needed.

Often the cause of the spoiled child is the behavior of parents who literally do not depart from the baby for a minute. Young children, of course, need to communicate, but this does not mean you have to wear them on his hands. If you do so, then the child does not learn to play independently, to amuse myself. Overprotection does not lead to anything good.

How to reform a spoiled child.

Re spoiled child requires will power and confidence in its decision. Always remember that not spoiled the child will bring nothing good in the future he will only make this harder. So what you are doing, for his own good.

The child should know the word no, and the parents are consistent in their prohibitions.

Kind and infirm grandmother by condoning can form a child’s way – “evil” parents that have a negative impact on the entire educational process.

Teach your child patience and ability to wait. If the child asking to be carried in hands while you are busy in any case, calmly explain to him that you can’t pay attention to it now, but as soon, be sure to play with him. Also don’t let the child to interrupt your conversation with another adult. Patience is a learned skill, and the earlier you start to teach a child to patience, the easier it is for him (and you) will be in the future.

Ideally, the levers of the child should be the words “cannot” and “well done”. No, you should always encourage your child toys, sweets and various indulgences for good behavior. Socially acceptable behavior should be the norm, not something special that requires a gift. If the child behaves well enough to praise him. This is not to forget that an excess of rewards, as well as an excess of censure and eventually makes the child insensitive to them.

When the child begins to act up, stop paying attention to it, or better yet, leave him alone. He will understand that his antics don’t make you a proper impression.

The child must learn that there are things that he under no circumstances are not allowed to do. Attempts to hurt people and animals, throwing things, a loud squeal is unacceptable behavior that should be quickly and firmly be prevented.

Despite the fact that the child is still small, it is still committed to independence and therefore from the position of “Always right adult” parents should be abandoned, proceed with the child on an equal, even though he will have to concede, it won’t detract from your dignity. Requirements Express in persistent but calm way, thus they will not look as orders.

Parents should show the child that they love him for his inner qualities – caring, compassion, zest for life, etc. – and not for how they look, how they behave, or learn how. Genuine self-esteem always comes from within, from the consciousness that you are appreciated for who you are. When we overly pamper baby stuff or clothes, causing the envy of friends, we form his dependence on others ‘opinions, others’ approval, which is based not only its look and the possession of material goods.

Do not try to save the child from all difficulties and problems in his life, otherwise he will never be independent and learn to cope with them myself. Of course, in some situations, he can not do without your help, and the child should know that he can always count on you. But in General allow him to cope with problems and learn from their mistakes.

It is unacceptable to change its decision. Parents must be consistent, not a single case of unacceptable behaviour must not remain without reaction of the parents.

Parents often satisfy every whim of the child, forgetting about their own needs. If you indulge the child to its detriment, then the child will understand as a matter of course that the needs of others can not pay attention, if only my own desires were satisfied. If the child is not considered to be with their own parents, it is unlikely to be considered and with other people. If you do not respect themselves, then the child will not respect you.

Don’t assume that because your bans, the child will be less of you to love. On the contrary, indulging him in every way, you will teach him to treat yourself consumer.

We can spoil. to spoil children things, but we can’t spoil them with love. Children need love as well as water and food. Not just spending time with children, and attention to them, no indifference to their identity is the biggest gift you can do.

Spoiled child
It is almost impossible to spoil a baby in the first year of life however, in this time you can lay the Foundation for its needed in the future. Children…

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