Some more tips for parents of schoolchildren

1. Good or bad parenting – it can be reliably judged by can the child say, “I happy !”

2. Not too rely on own example, alas, only bad examples are contagious. The example is of course important, but only if you respect your child.

3. Your child seeking freedom from your parents? So, in the family something is not right, in a good family children feel free, they don’t come to rebel against their parents.

4. We are not the masters of their children’s lives, we cannot know their fate.

We do not yet know what is good and what is bad for their future, so we will be careful in all decisions that may affect the way the child.

5. When we talk with children, we are always assured that this is the truth. But we don’t notice that sometimes samisa in the eyes of their children. Do not be afraid of children’s doubt in your right.

6. Take care of children need, street children can watch for trouble.

7. Learn to control your tone, flawless intonation can smooth even pedagogical error.

8. Often tell your child important words: “do Not cry! Cheer up!

Don’t be afraid! Not food!”.

9. To protect or not to protect your child from offenders – one

Of the most difficult issues of education, but do not leave him alone, if you feel that he was hurt.

10. Sometimes children take to heart all the school trouble. Teach them to distinguish between what is important and what is not.

11. If children are too keen on TV: don’t go for a walk and lost friends, the TV must… break. At least 2-3 months until the baby comes to. What about the adults? The education of children. as art requires sacrifice.

12. Remember, how long has heard the laughter in your home? The more often children laugh, the better is the education.

13. John Steinbeck said, “a Boy becomes a man when the need arises in a man”. Want to grow a man-

Create this need in the house.

14. You came home and saw that your 8-year-old son and his guests literally trashed. Understand that the intent was not just the kids played hide and seek, we will use this occasion to say, “Nothing, let’s clean up together.”

15. Tell your child. “People must be with you is easy”. Don’t be afraid to repeat it.

16. Never pobrecita a child of any age: “You’re big!”, no floors. “And it’s another boy!”, nor a piece of bread: “We

you feed, give to drink”.

17. Be careful not to criticize anyone in front of the kids. Today, you will say bad about the neighbor Nikolai Petrovich, and tomorrow the children will be to speak ill of you.

18. The hardest thing in parenting is to teach children about philanthropy.

Praise your child, but people often praise in his presence.

19. Rousseau believed that the child should know: how it will be good with others, so they will be good with him.

20. Parents get annoyed when their children do not obey the first

Words. Learn to repeat the request without irritation and will see how quietly will be in your home.

21. When you scold a child, don’t use the words “You always”, “You”, “Forever you”…Your child is generally always good, it is only today did something wrong, about this and tell him.

22. There are children who will not take neither a punishment nor good, but a generous attitude in the end saves them.

23. How? You put baby in a corner? It already is in Europe. You are hopelessly behind pedagogical fashion.

24. When the child leaves the house, be sure to escort him to the door and tell on the road. “Don’t hurry, be careful.” This should be repeated as many times as the child leaves the house.

25. They say: “How the first day of the year will take place the whole year”.

Praise your child from morning to night!

26. Teach the child the long-known formula for mental health. “You’re good, but not better than others.”

27. Tell the child. “Don’t be a neat freak – in the class don’t like the neat, don’t be a pig – in class don’t like messy. Whether simply neat”.

28. Usually, when a child returns from school, he was asked: “You called? And what grade did?”. Better ask him: “What was interesting?”.

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