Recommendations for the education of children of preschool

In order to answer the question about the proper upbringing of her own child, as a parent, you are required to accurately establish what it means, before it becomes boring tyrant. Many do not often think about it, turning the day to day process into a series of installations in a variety of prohibitions, restrictions on the kid: something categorically “no”, and the other is clearly “necessary”. In the best embodiment, and in standard, you will be able to teach eager young man to behave, but no more. The educational course is the formation of the own hands of the individual, in order to bring to public life, which corresponds to the generally accepted standards of socio-cultural models.

The predictable result of educational activity

The education of the child must involve the presence of goals. where there is a clear view of the future. In other words, the educational activity must predict the creation that you lust after to get it, so to say “out”. Therefore, it is desirable to know exactly what features you want to define the future.

List some characteristics that may form in the educational process:

– in the first year of life, you can develop a level of confidence of man to the world, that is, how much the baby will be able to feel comfortable in it;

communication skills and politeness with others;

– to instill some moral principles, that is, the basic concepts of good/bad and so on;

– the degree of perception of the people around him and the relationships. that is, the extent to which he trust the environment and able to manipulation;

– level of self-esteem, accurate view of its own unique features;

– the means of liberation from difficult situations by solving problems and style of social activity.

Select the style of educational work

The above reasoning can respond to the notion of education, how about a game that isn’t so difficult to reproduce. Just need that parents have a clear idea of what type of person they wish to see in the future of the baby. If you value such qualities as obedience to the authority and discipline, the ability to obligatorias what is available, and it is advisable not to stand out, it is likely that the educational process will go on views, which existed for several generations in the Soviet Union.

In those days the desire of parents United in order from the first years of a child special, nothing was distinguishable from the others, is entirely aligned to the team, also succumbed to full management. Regarding these characteristics, the children were brought up in severity, and category of the environment such as educators, teachers, parents positioned as an unquestioned authority. Then the norm of education was considered a punishment, respectively, from this it is clear that promoted mainly the education of the child by the father.

I wish to see your own child initiative, creative individual in the future, not limiting myself scarce framework stereotypes, then, of course, you mainly suitable individual approach in the formation of identity from an early age. Creative educational methods are called, not to subject the child to a specific standard of conduct, and to discover his inner potential.

Raising a preschooler correctly

Many people familiar with the teachings of the teacher D. Ushinsky, who claimed that the preschool children think in sounds, forms, emotions and colours. On this basis, it follows that the child perceives solely illustrative examples, but not moralizing suspended order. In this period, the child looks at the world with open eyes, soaking up information like a sponge, trusting all, copying, imitating the adults .

At the age of three years occurs first, surprisingly, the age crisis, where the man tries to show independence, independence. Do not let him to show himself, is particularly characteristic of mothers who do everything for the kids because it’s faster and more correct. In this period there is the education of the child by the mother. Making mistakes, the baby is able to acquire invaluable experience, the ability to continue to carry his personal responsibility for many things.

Kids love to play, then use it in the correct order, explaining the good and the bad, instilling the rules of etiquette, shaping the personality. Preparing man for the kindergarten, do not rush things, it may be that his physiology is not yet matured, that is, often there are different kinds of illnesses. The house should respect the day, then in the garden there will be problems. Moreover, the child must already know how to eat, dress up and collect things for themselves.

Educate student

Of course, if your kid was eating the opportunity to pay visits to the pre-school, preparing for school higher. It concerns not writing, numeracy and reading skills, and the ability to find contact with peers. The arrival to the school modifies the usual course of existence, on this basis, the education need to lead differently.

From the first school days of the child becomes a public entity, which acquires new responsibilities, where learning is the main one. At this period the support of parents is very important, try not to opt out, shifting the educational process at school. Actively interested in the social being and his studies. At the origin of problems in communication with peers, teachers, try together with Chad to understand the situations, it was then and will need your calm and serenity. that will give the student a sense of security. He must keep the confidence. that family will not leave him alone with setbacks, problems.

Co-ordinate with the child safety regulations, as is often home the kids from school comes alone and stays till the arrival of the work family alone.

School time stem fast enough, and if you ask about a brisk start in primary school, even easy. Over time, the intellectual education of passes in physical education, the child in yourself can open up the potential of the athlete. Growing up with the man will be somewhat close from parents and most of my free period to spend with friends, podozrevaet puberty, and then begins to beckon adult life. Do not be afraid of this change, important not to expose the child total control, as it can’t defeat him in even greater secrecy of communication with parents.

Education of the individual in adolescence

Such period must be accompanied by trust, and you have to give Chad a big part of independence. The relationship never find out high voice, even if you get rudeness in return. Never allow a replica in the form of: “We’re fed, clothed, and you’ve grown ungrateful”. In this age, the psyche of vulnerable children, and the body is going through changes – puberty occurs, comes first love.

You should be able to such period to become a friend to your child, try to remember their experiences at that age. Well, if free time Chad is employed in clubs, hobby groups, then the problem in terms of communication is solved easier. Do not be fooled, if he prefers to play behind the computer than while away the hours “did not know where” with friends, because gambling addiction is a very serious problem, along with alcohol drug.

Councils have common concepts. Each cell of the society is different and unique and therefore, most importantly, that the family was a mutual understanding, mutual respect and strong friendship of youthful and older, then the educational process is correct and will give excellent results.

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