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Or the difference in upbringing

M AMA in a child’s life is nature itself, something that nourishes, protects, teaches co-exist with all in the circle in harmony, not violence. To teach patience, timeliness, acceptance of change and stimulates harmonious changes in the nature and body of the baby.

If you need anything regularity that is more organic mom to watch it and to teach to remember the baby by themselves (hygiene, self-care, independence, etc. in General, anything that allows it to adapt in the world). The function of adaptation is the female energy! And precisely this is the essence of motherhood.

If your child has problems with the environment, with peers, communication, trust, and adherence to code of laws imposed by the outside world, it is the problem MOM. And no one can replace her, no surrogates in the form of educators, teachers, psychologists and psychotherapists. (well, except that dad may try in case of complete absence of mom, but I successful cases of such transformation is not known).

But dad is the energy of action, cognition, conquest! Only the male energy is able to teach to learn, to strive to achieve something, to overcome yourself and your abilities, and life’s obstacles on the way to the goal!

To resist, to stand your ground firmly without Caprice and emotion is also a very important skill in life a hundred times useful! And that’s daddy’s job is to teach.

Here is an example of how different the needs of the child in mom and dad in an almost identical situation.

The conflict between your child and other older or stronger.

1) Resorts to mom complains. Asks protection or Council what to do, what would the conflict be brought to nothing. And protection which he asks is the absolute! Cover me, hide! Make sure this never happens again.

2) During the conflict, the child throws a similar phrase – “I’ll tell your dad and let him show you. ”

Resorting to the father for support! We have a Pope comrade, a fighter who together go into battle and help defend their point of view. Daddy will teach you how to fight back and win!

Problems with the immune system, with study, with aggression, is not sufficient activity is the problem with my DAD. Lack of or distorted part of the father.

Who can replace – the other man, but from those whom you trust completely. Grandfather, uncle, coach, teacher, elder brother – the one who is willing to take on this role!

Often men say – “I don’t know what to do with it. “, “I can’t be strict and persistent. ”

Will reply to the Council – head of common cause, and, may the child be an active participant and helper!

Children are generally happy to help fathers in any business, but recently when Pope likely to be engaged in computers, TV and beer behind the scenes to help, very boring!

If the Pope and the baby will be a common thing, then daddy will have to be demanding, pushy, and generally the whole complex of emotions and relationship with the child that he needs!

Is very common that mothers do not allow fathers to participate actively in the upbringing of your child. They simply do not trust! Well of course, because the Pope can’t do anything right!

Pope to do the right thing just differently than we do. They don’t come to take our place and play the mother. If you need a replacement female influence and method of approach will invite a nanny or grandmother in your absence. Don’t force dad to imitate you in everything.

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