How to teach a child to order

“Rose up in the morning, washed, cleaned up and immediately bring to the planet,” said the Little Prince in the tale of Saint-exupéry. Only how to convince your child?

Psychologists say that cleaning is not just useful, it is necessary for the formation of personality. Otherwise it grows up to be selfish and irresponsible people who knock things first you, and then on the wife or husband. On the contrary, the obligations giving him chores, you help a child become more independent and confident. Besides acquire a diligent assistant. And if so, then declare war child’s laziness.

How to teach a child 2 to 5 years to order

To accustom the child to the home work need 2-3 years . when the kids are keen to help adults, and your job is to support their desire. Three year olds are sensitive to the mess surrounding them, and if the home is an eternal mess, they are unlikely to grow neat.

The rule confidence

Strongly encourage the commitment of Chad to help you. Let the rag in his hands — let him wipe the dust. Little will perform assignments with joy, children of this age are fun imitating mom and dad. A very useful thing — a toy appliances. And year-old boy will be keen to vacuum the room with a toy cleaner that is accompanied by a special “trash”!

The rule of gradualism

Let’s assignments on the principle: from simple to complex . First, ask the child to clean up toys in the room. He will cope if you turn the cleaning process into an exciting game. Suggest: “let’s build a big garage where your cars will be sleeping at night.” The child is enthusiastically engaged in the construction of the garage! At first he let you remove a single thing, and you — ten, with time you swapped. The kid is stubborn? Tell him about how one child did not want to put the toys, and they left him at night, and when the boy had promised to reform, returned…

A rule storage

The child knew what and where to put in the children’s room has to be functionally :

house of dolls,

box for the constructor

shelves for books.

For this you have to equip your nursery with shelving and open shelves, and without it on in the bathroom you can only dream of.

How to teach children aged 6 to 9 years old to order

If kids perceive housework as a game then the older children understand that funny enough here. So many of them refuse to perform the most basic:

to make the bed,

to restore order on the Desk,

to wash the dishes.

How to find a common language with the child? Actually, if you from childhood accustomed to his accuracy, he will continue to perform household duties, taking them for granted. If at first you sacrifice a little freedom to washing the dishes: “don’t touch the tool for washing dishes — the skin will ruin everything!” now to convince him that you need to work, you will not be easy.

The rule of friendliness

Try not to be angry, to shout and threaten kid: “did you put in the nursery, otherwise it will throw out the window!” Explain . that as they grow up duties on the farm everyone is becoming more, and since he is almost an adult (believe me, the child will flatter such recognition), it is possible to sit on the couch while mom crawling on the floor with a rag, wiping the floor, not noble. Consider the list of things capable child. Invite the duties of your choice: “what You will be doing — clean the cat tray or wash your shoes?” Sometimes you can switch roles: “today Let’s you wash the dishes after dinner, I’ll empty your wardrobe”.

The planning rule

Since the primary responsibility of your son or daughter is still studying, and in addition to it certainly still is a sports, music or art school, your task is to help organize the household so that it does not interfere with the main . Make a schedule together useful things. For example, on Friday, the child can do the cleaning in my room, on Saturday — to help you to sculpt dumplings, Sunday to water the flowers. And don’t forget about feasible daily duties . your heir is already quite able to throw garbage in the garbage disposal, provide food for fish or other Pets. All these duties will not take a child too much time and effort, but will teach the main —



responsibility and

hard work.

How to teach a child from 10 to 14 years of age to order

With teenagers, alas, much harder. Some of them, however, are keen to meet part of domestic tasks: for example, they want to walk the dog especially if the dog exotic species — this increases the credibility of a teenager among peers. Others prefer to restore order in the room, that adults do not accidentally threw away something important and did not find secret things.

The majority of adolescents and are not going to help the parents! Moreover, as established scholars, many adult children do not need to order: they don’t even notice the long foul for closet candy, dirty socks on the table and smeared ketchup on the keyboard. And all because of teenagers ‘ part of the brain responsible for attention, self-discipline, while not yet fully formed, this occurs in about 18 years, and some later. And while they really do not understand what this procedure require “ancestors” … What should be considered by moms and dads, communicating with Teens?

The rule of certainty

Always clearly identify . what exactly you want from Chad. If from the point of view of mothers spilling from the sink of dirty dishes is a nightmare, from the point of view of a teenager it’s really nothing (“Tomorrow will wash, what’s the difference?”). Instead of yelling: “It’s terrible!” just say, “Dirty dishes in the sink should not be”. Or if, for example, you dream to release her son’s room deposits from computer disks, some of which have not been used, ask him to reconsider everything, leaving only those that still can be useful. To immediately give unnecessary garbage bag, otherwise it can push the old drives under the couch.

The rule of convenience

Homework should not be a burden . Let the child washes the dishes with headphones enjoying your favorite hip-hop or rap importantly, to wash. If the volume of orders is too high, offer to help . and then your child will not feel lonely. Yes, even my son is taller than you on the head, in my heart he is so much in need of parental love, like 10 years ago. Not to ridicule the young man, finding in his room Teddy bear, with whom he slept in his childhood, toy soldiers or old baby machine. Psychologists say that many teenagers, especially boys, like to keep old things.

The dormitory rule

Decide with the child that in addition to cleaning his room he will be responsible for common areas . Suppose he should clean the bathroom or wash the floor in the hallway. Assign him other duties: for example, to go to the store to pay for the phone and the apartment. A child this age knows that he is a member of the family collective, and therefore also need to do something on the farm to good use .

Eliminate typical parenting mistakes:

Do not criticize your son or daughter, if from your point of view, they have done something wrong. Better praise the fact that they managed . Do not rush immediately to wash the floor: “Look, what you spots left!” or to complain to his father or grandmother on “armless” and a helpless child.

Do not make promises like “You’re Ironing linen, and you for that I’ll buy something delicious.” Otherwise the child will stop to help you “so” and will always try to benefit from your instructions.

Do not overload the child’s homework, especially if he’s sick or overtired study and training. Insecure children, fearing the wrath of the parents, can all day to clean the kitchen, unable to perform the lessons.

Do not encourage your child to work occasionally — this should be an ongoing and continuous process.

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