How to improve immune system in children

The rainy season brings a lot of moms worry. Will not start if the child is constantly sick? What can be done to strengthen the immune system of children?

Immunity in children: causes frequent illnesses

Colds, lies the body of children, very much. And if before they were United by a well-known abbreviation OP3, it is now more correct name is considered to be of ARI (acute respiratory infection). That doesn’t make it okay.

Bacteria and viruses that can weaken the immune system of children and put the child in bed, as before, a large number — with numerous subgroups and subtypes. It is this diversity hurtful and caused a series of illnesses, when a child, been ill with one virus type, and due to his immunity, and immediately picks up another, the protection of which he does not.

Another thing is that not all children are equally susceptible to infection. It so happens that two contemporaries went to the same kindergarten group. One baby is sick constantly, and the other 1-2 times a year. Why?

Weakened immune system in children – causes

The number of frequently and chronically ill children in Russia today is 70-75%. It is caused by a weakened immune system, which is often formed to the first years of life.

It is known that the more children interact with other kids, the more they “catch” the infection. This relates primarily to kindergarten children. If possible, try to give the baby to the garden after 4-5 years, and during epidemics (almost the whole autumn-winter period) do not visit with him crowded places (shops, cinemas, transport).

Children of smokers are not only more frequently but also with a lot of complications.

The birth to term — especially premature babies often get sick in the first year of life.

Artificial feeding — these children are almost always reduced immunoglobulin a, which is responsible for the immunity of mucous membranes of the nose, throat and intestines.

Allergy — increases the frequency of otitis media (ear disease) and sinusitis (sinuses). Sometimes children may experience repeated infections due to chronic diseases of the thoracic organs, the kidneys.

How to strengthen the immune system in children?

If your child attends kindergarten, or group development, or any other place with a large crowd of people, to strengthen the fragile immune system will help the following measures:

Before going out on the street lubricate the mucous membranes of the baby’s nose ointment Viferon or oxolinic ointment.

After returning home, wash the baby spout any saline (Aquamaris, Physiomer). You can just drip into the nose a solution of sea salt (1 tsp per Cup of water), and older children (from 3-4 years) rinse solution throat. So you wash possible the virus from the nasopharynx.

If you or someone close have a fever, do not be lazy to put on (or other diseased) gauze mask.

To strengthen the immune system of children under the force of each parent. One has only to remember that this requires an integrated approach that involves a lot of work and patience.

Hardening to enhance the immune system of children

Cure treatments it is advisable to begin with the first days of life. They guarantee a good result. The main thing is to make their lifestyle his family.

As you can no longer walk with the child. From birth, make it a rule to stay with the baby in the air for at least 4 hours a day. The only exception might be cold (below 15 degrees) and strong wind these days can shorten the stay on the street to 30-40 minutes, but twice a day.

Try to teach a child to contrast the soul, it must be taken daily at the same time. You can confine the feet, directing them alternately warm, then cold water. If baby will love the procedure, you can rinse the whole body.

Start with a small temperature drop from 25 to 38 degrees. Gradually increase the difference with the lower limit, it may be 5 and 20 degrees — it all depends on the receptivity of the child.

To finish this shower need warm water.

The most difficult parents to follow the mode of “light clothing”. We used to coddle children from birth. It seems that the baby caught a cold because cold: ran barefoot through the apartment or rented mittens on the street. Actually “frost” children entirely dependent on us. If the child will get used from birth easy to lie in the diaper, then crawl on the floor, he will not be afraid to go out without extra jackets in the street.

Dressing your baby, especially grown up, do not forget that it usually is always in motion. Most often it just hot and not too cold.

Tips for moms on how to strengthen the immune system of the child

OLGA I think the immunity of children need to strengthen the “natural” way. Here is my Borki for 2 years was not angina! You know how we overcame them? The doctor recommended us every morning and evening as prophylaxis rinsing his son’s throat just cool water. Every day we have lowered the water temperature. Now Boris paddles throat, in my opinion, downright ice cold water from the tap.

INNA I Agree with Olga: the simpler the prevention, the better. I always here the eldest son in “cold season,” washed his nose with water when he’s at preschool or with a walk back. Smeared oxolinic ointment nose before the child went for a walk, though not so long ago learned that this ointment banned the use of pregnant women and young children.

JEANNE is a Wonderful alternative to the “obsolence” – a nasal spray with sea water. They are now a great many, and they are suitable as prophylaxis for SARS. Similarly, just as water washed the nose of the baby to walk and after. I like Aquamaris. And at night we sprinceana “Dolphin”. Handy thing! In addition to the device for douching bags are sold. In sea salt with briar. Dilute it in warm water and washed the baby’s nose.

IRINA Speaking of hips. Excellent tool for strengthening the immune system of children. Sea of vitamin C! I do this: pour the fruit with boiling water in a thermos and leave for half a day. Add honey instead of sugar and I give my daughter to drink morning and evening. Anyway, you can give instead of compote!

ANNA with us, when the whole family EN masse had the flu, I cut finely the onion, put it on plates and arranged in apartment. And about the baby put straight to bed for the night. PAH-PAH, not infected.

IRISHKA Girls, but I am a garlic, an old folk remedy to boost the immunity of children, respect. Just in rainy and “contagious” time of the year little by little add in all the food. Even to a child. Well, of course, it is useful to hang purified, like beads, on a cot.

Do you have your recipes strengthen the immune system of children? Please share with us.

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