How to help your child overcome fear?

Many parents of children 3-12 years old are concerned about a baby’s sleep disturbance due to night terrors . which can scare anyone who observes the behavior of the child during sleep. He begins to mumble, randomly tossing about in bed, covered with cold sweat and screams with terror. When parents try to Wake him up, the child opens his eyes and looks at them vacant, as if he does not recognize them.

If in the moment of awakening to measure the pressure of the child . it will be increased, and palpitations – shortness. That child had a bad dream can be understood in his startled mind and advanced pupils. Don’t need a child at this time to console him, to question him about what he was dreaming. Better hug him and put him in the bed, then Pat on the head and sit nearby while he again plunged into a deep sleep. Usually in the morning the child does not remember what he dreamt about.

Baby night terrors . usually last no more than 3-5 minutes, during which the child relaxes and falls asleep. But half of the children older than 3 years of age sleep disturbances are associated with neuropathy congenital neuro-somatic weakness. Manifested neuropathy in children because of metabolic disturbances, mood instability, hypersensitivity and susceptibility to frequent diseases. For example, in children suffering from eczema, allergies, stuttering, enuresis and ticks. Do not delay a visit to a psychiatrist. if the attacks of night terrors repeated more often than once per week and last for more than 30 minutes. Special concern should cause parents, if during the attack the night’s fear a child has muscle twitching, salivation and walking in a dream.

Fortunately, night terrors nor all children are associated with manifestations of neuropathy, most of them are temporary and are a normal physiological process for undeveloped nervous system of the child. To understand the child’s condition, remember your childhood. Hardly anyone of us adults can boast that he is a child not once in the dream did not fall into the chasm, never flew or ran away from the terrible monsters that crawled out of the darkness. If parents can understand the child’s condition correctly and treat the manifestation of children’s fears, already in adolescence, they pass unnoticed.

Unfortunately, that child often have bad dreams, guilty in 95% of cases the parents themselves. If your child has frequent night terrors, parents must first analyze their behavior. Excessive strictness of parents, the separation from the mother, lack of love, and quarrels between parents in the presence of a child can influence his calmness and sleep. When parents are severely punished and scolded the child, in night fears they stand before him in mythical characters. For example, too nervous mother associated with baby with Baba Yaga, and a cruel father with Koschei the Immortal. A child in a tense family environment is in a kind of confined space, where the day he was haunted by threats and punishments, and at night with bad dreams.

The cause of the child’s night of fear can be and example of parents, watching horror movies and cartoons. If one of the parents in childhood were fears at bedtime or he was afraid of the dark, the likelihood of night terrors in a child increases many times. The fact that the biological rhythms of sleep the child and parent, at which it is similar, generally identical, and night terrors occur in both equally. In addition, parents who have experienced childhood night terrors, are afraid to stay home alone, with fear enter in the dark entrance, and startle at a strange sound.

Naturally, all this baby caught that and helps keep the night terrors. In these cases, parents should be engaged in self-regulation of their behaviour and try not to injure the immature mind of the child stories about fears and related anxieties. No need to load the psyche of a young child instructive stories about the terrible uncles who can wait for him outside. Of course, all children should know not to talk and leave with strangers, but these conversations don’t need to go into unnecessary details.

To help your child overcome nighttime fear . make sure it’s comfortable sleep. The likelihood of night terrors significantly increases if the baby is sleeping in an uncomfortable bed, in a stuffy and dark room. Bedtime is well ventilate the room, leave the door of the nursery open or turn on the night lamp. Bedding in the nursery beds should be clean and beautiful, and the pillow, mattress and blanket handy. Don’t make bedtime a child playing in a highly stimulating games, watching scary movies or listening to loud music. Do not frighten the child so that it will take a terrible man or beast, if he is a bad lead.

There is nothing that will help the child to overcome fear . as communication with parents and the confidence that they love him. Try not to leave your child alone at home for long periods of time and will spend more time in communion with him. If the child is to be sure that parents are always ready to listen carefully and to protect, very soon he will realize that the world is beautiful and to live in it not scary.

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