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We will also concentrate on the moment, which is not always taken into account, but we must keep it in mind. There is a Vedic system of education for boys and girls. It is a completely different upbringing. Boys from the age of five in the Vedic society gave to the theological school. In raising boys and girls there is a difference, just as there is a difference between a man and a woman.

The difference is that the boy should be educated in responsibility for society, for my future wife, my future children and to increase the overall strength of mind, strength of knowledge, strength, skill, i.e., to cultivate the positive qualities associated with the liability. Educating girls is to give her understanding of the importance of: what is family, what is it that she was oriented in all family matters and family relations as a fish in water. In the Vedic culture the girl brought up at home, and mom often helped friends and acquaintances, skilled in various fields: in cooking, embroidering, etc., and also the quality of character of the girl was brought up in accordance with the behavior of the adult female, which she was looking.

The boy was educated at a theological school, his spiritual master – the person who possesses the highest qualities of morality, and the child was not the worst thing to do lessons, and to say something across the spiritual master or to not treat it respectfully. It is very important to understand that education is a complex science, and not simply an order to do something. The child is always inclined to go for those who has good qualities. And spiritual teacher was the one who possessed good qualities: honesty, responsibility, kindness, simplicity, knowledge of the laws, humility, erudition, austerity, absence of envy and criticism, backbone, etc. And the child, getting into an environment, where cultivated practical, embodied knowledge, since childhood was similar to his spiritual master. He began seriously to behave, he knew what honesty, what is debt, what are the duties, he understood, what distinguishes the man from the woman, that he should be more steadfast in all, more determined to protect the woman, etc.

In the Vedic society he was raised in a theological school and 25 years, respectively, he possessed all the practical knowledge needed for him, and had received a profession, because he was raised in accordance with his type of character. Because he studied practical knowledge focused, he became a very good professional. And at age 25 he was already a fairly Mature person.

Does it matter what a person after puberty, if it is not too much contact with the opposite sex, quickly formed a positive character qualities. He becomes inclined to cultivate morality, purity, etc. are All good quality very highly developed in humans, if it is not in contact with the opposite sex before marriage. Conversely, if he is actively in contact with the opposite sex before marriage, the young man steadily develop poor quality. This is because from 13 to 25 years old boy cannot control his sexual energy. Ie he just goes at it on occasion, it pulls to use the opposite sex and to spoil your morality in this way. Therefore, children in five years, insulated from each other, not giving them a reason to communicate, and they grew in his circle. But they were given the knowledge of how to behave with girls, with his future wife and they were given knowledge about all aspects of relationships: how to talk how to control yourself, etc. This knowledge was given in detail.

A man married somewhere in 25 years, the girl is usually married from 14 to 17-18 years. According to the Vedic concept was and still is considered now that a woman is capable of being a good wife and mother only if the same man with whom she meets up close for the very first time, remains of her husband. Here we need to understand such a thing, that the woman’s sexual functions are developed more strongly already at a young age of 18, and then gradually fade away. In men they first grow to 25, and then fade away. So women have this instinct to live with the family and the desire to love, very strong with 14 to 18 years. At this time she formed a deep attachment to her husband. If up to this time she’s not getting married, it starts fading the need to have a lawyer in my life, being married is not the most important in life.

If a girl goes out at an early age to marry, she has deep feelings for her husband. In the Vedic society had a rule that the girl was younger than her husband of 7-12 years. And if she saw that her husband was already a Mature person, possessing all good qualities, she naturally became inclined to listen to him, to serve him and to do something for him. And if there is such a family, it was perfect. If a woman feels constant care, support and protection if she sees the best qualities in front of him, she is proud of her husband and feels perfectly secure and happy. And the man sees a beautiful, young lady with all good qualities, unspoiled, very gentle and loyal.

This is very important because a woman can’t be faithful when she experienced the opportunity to be incorrect. But if she doesn’t know infidelity, she didn’t think that she should behave somehow differently. Thus, we took into account all these features of character of men and women. The Vedas in such councils give a natural and easy way to achieve happiness and harmony in the family.


The boys were raised as girls. Boys didn’t like girls. Boys are encouraged to be like his father.

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According to the 1921 – 1922 there were 3 groups: 1 gr. – 20 boys and 11 girls; 2 gr. – 12 boys; 3 gr.– 8 boys. V.

Zverev S. V. Peculiarities of readiness for school boys and girls/Pre-school pedagogy. 2003. No. 4.

Form girls was too strict: brown dresses with aprons, however, from high quality fabric and elegant cut that is made.

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For the year 2008 in the province aged 0 to 14 years died, 51 (2007), including 27 boys and 24 girls. Mortality among.

Recommendations on sex education for teenage boys

So, despite recognition of the important role of women as pioneers and leaders in the field of sexual health, recent years.

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