Encyclopedia of applied psychology bad habits of a child

Sucking of the thumb, gryzenia nail, wrap your hair on your finger. The fidgeting in his chair, picking his nose, a habit of slouching or excessive excessive gestures. Most of these habits are not in any danger, but the bad news is that over time others will laugh at the child. But if it becomes an adult habit, can be a serious hindrance in life.

The Director of a large company at a meeting in the nose needs to be picked. Georgian President hardly needs in a difficult situation even chew his tie.

If your child has one or two bad habits, and they are not very pronounced – it means that you have a normal child, and you are great parents. Of course, you slowly will be your child these habits to wean. to teach more appropriate behavior, and can be sure that in a month, a year or a few years, all those habits that your child will disappear. All – right!

Another thing, when your child has a lot of bad habits, if takes one replaced the other, and with age, the situation is not improving is the situation more difficult. Diagnosis: you child started, and good parents you are difficult to call. Bad habits your child the signal that you have a family and in a child’s life is not all good, and prompt you that themselves and the child need to do.

You can, of course, and not to engage, only to be anxious and cursing at a child – but it does mean that, over time, to bad habits that your child will appear and problem behavior. And sometimes – and otklonyaetsya, and asocial. Now sucks his thumb, and after 10-15 years will suck beer. Now all pulling in the mouth, and after a while will drag things out of the house. If you’re not a child and myself, the officer will tell you that Teens drugs should not be. Yes? Such prospects you don’t like? So, still the time has come to pass.

And the third time we emphasize: proper training means to do them.

Is it just my crazy, for a few minutes mother complains, glancing angrily at the roaring of the baby. – Three years turned last week, and he, as a small, sucks his thumb. As I told him how much I explained to him. Understands everything and makes me out of spite. No wonder I didn’t want to have children. Nothing but trouble and misunderstandings.

A mother may complain even though a few hours, but the last two phrases, it is enough to identify the cause of obsessive habits in the child. He is unwanted and unloved – and this is the main trigger. Any little one intuitively feels even veiled dislike. But if an explicit rejection? The child is bad, and thumb sucking it naturally soothes.

Bad habits often appear where the child is bad. The absence of affection and warmth when dealing with him, quarrels of parents, their conflicts, divorces, providing the baby himself. However, there are other reasons, of a more medical nature. For example, thumb sucking often exhibit weakened diseases of children, children with frequent colds, parasitic infestation, intestinal infections, and neuropathy. Alcoholism of the parents is a prerequisite for this habit may be minimal cerebral insufficiency.

Children can not only suck the finger, but the corner of his blanket, and other fall under the hand of things, though, are usually the same. Simultaneously with the thumb sucking many kids do, and yet some compulsive movements (stroking the ears, picking your nose, “sniff”, licking lips, etc.). Very often these movements are fixed by the type of formation of conditioned reflexes. For example, repeated several times a year, the common cold turns into habit “sniffed”, and often dry lips is to lick them. The older the child, the more clearly and the moment follow.

Biting feet usually appears later, since 4-5 years. Nails “themselves” fighting “themselves” bite, kids don’t even know “when”. And “when” is or excitement, or arousal, anxiety-producing. Conversation, performance, waiting, watching a movie – all these disturbing child may be accompanied by gryzenia nails, especially in cases where little ambitious, but mom and dad want to see “child Prodigy”, overloading his brain. And this increasing tension of the child, turning it all into a vicious circle. On the one hand, parents are outraged by “bad” habit preschooler and demand its cessation, on the other – their demands intensify it. Of course, this is not the case.

What is the matter? To fight bad habits – the same thing that the fight with his own shadow, if you think she needs. Not stooped shadow to fight, and to straighten himself. If you bring order to your life and become a good parent – bad habits will disappear almost automatically. That’s about it – take care in the first place. The child needs your calm, friendliness, fun games together, praise and at the same time teach him to listen to you. This was at Psihologice many special article, slowly start to rebuild their lives, and the child will be a sensitive indicator of how you’re doing.

Nevertheless, it is possible to suggest the simplest things under a single bad habit.

Pulls hair? Do not frighten the child “What are you pulling your hair out, soon nothing will remain bald!” no, to the contrary calm: “to Pull hair is not harmful, it’s just you you’re hurting. And hair from jerking improves circulation, kids are getting smarter. Better still, hair comb it more often, and then to get smarter faster, and it was more enjoyable than yourself to pull. Try it!”

If he sucks the fingers to bandage fingers bad idea to smear their unpleasant substances is to try, but too rarely helps. Creative parents can come up with some exciting role-playing game, for example, the hairdresser, but with a manicure only to children with beautiful nails and wet fingers. There were cases when it helped a paradoxical task: “Suck their fingers on purpose! I can do it together with you. Five minutes of sucking began!”, but this job can help only if it doesn’t sound like a punishment, but as a help to the child began this action to notice.

Be sure to read the excellent piece of work of Milton Erickson. where he helped the child into believing his self – confidence and at the same time giving the installation that soon sucking his fingers he will stop.

Bites her nails – need help in learning that the child was confident in myself. Often it is useful to encourage and inspire confidence. By the way, well help eliminate the time stimulating activities, like watching exciting movies and reading scary stories. There are two sense – and overexcited child should not be, and create a situation where gryzenia nails child is disadvantageous habit. Indeed, because some nails to deprive yourself of great movies? No, there and you can try!

So. We will succeed!

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