Early development Center

Children can visit the group in early development from the moment they begin to confidently sit. These classes are aimed at teaching communication skills. Each class in the group of early child development consists of three parts: learning games, free play in an organized environment, the tea party. Classes are held one to two times per week, duration of each lesson is 60 minutes. In the group of 3 – 6 children. The presence of parents and their participation in classes is mandatory.

The presence of a person in the classroom in the group of early development of children “Mom+baby” provides a state of comfort and security required for successful learning. The main objective of the study group is learning social skills and cooperative play with other children, as well as active development of speech and intellect. Conducting educational games, teacher speech creates an environment that stimulates the language development of children of early age, gives the correct speech patterns. Gradually from individual play children move to group play.

The results of studies, as a rule, become visible to parents and a half – two months. Permanent staff group provides the highest efficiency of group classes for early childhood development.

We encourage parents to participate in classes, because we believe that the development of a child under the age of three years are inextricably associated with participation in this process parents. Mom, dad, grandma or another adult who spends a little more time at home can actively stimulate the development of the child in the classroom.

FITNESS FOR KIDS (ages 1 – 3 years)

Very useful lessons for toddlers who have just learned to walk independently. In the group of six children who play together with their mothers. Classes are aimed at increasing physical activity, improving the quality of the walk, motor attention, motor coordination and spatial orientation. The lessons included exercises aimed at improving fine motor skills, vestibular exercises, tactile stimulation. Classes are held one to two times per week, duration of each 45 minutes.

DANCE STUDIO (from 1.8 to 3 years)

Interesting and rewarding activities, including elements of folk, classic, sports and modern dance, as well as elements of retroblasting and ballroom dancing. Help to form a correct posture, develop flexibility, plasticity of the body, promote good mood!

The goal

· Development of creative abilities.

· Development of coordination of movements.

· Development of sense of rhythm.

· Development of the ability to navigate in space.

· Development of correct posture, beautiful gait.

Forms of work are specified depending on the capabilities of the group. To move to the music attached as gifted children and those who need help to gain confidence in their abilities.


Waldorf pedagogy.

Creativity is a natural and organic process for the body and soul of man. Young children do not seek to integrate into the accepted standards of the fine art, they are easy to experiment with the material, find their unique ways of expression.

Classes in the Studio in a fun playful way thanks to the individual approach is the identification and proper development of creative abilities of the child, the development of a sense of color and composition.

The kids learn about color, mixing different shades. Study and imbued with a love of color and to the process of drawing. Learn the technique of painting with watercolors on wet, wax crayons, mixed technique

To start classes in “Energetic kid” is possible when the child has learned to confidently sit.

Our center is staffed by qualified teachers who love children and my job.

To do we have fun and interesting.

Our development center offers a flexible schedule that allows You to pick a convenient day and time of lessons for Your child.

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