Doctors say that we need through the power and screaming to get the kid to sleep alone.

If a child — a boy age 7 months — sleeping with parents in the same bed, and in his bed he starts screaming and falls asleep. If it continues he will continue to sleep with their parents, whether it can affect him negatively in the future? Or you need to teach him to sleep separately? While pediatricians insist that you need through the power and screaming to get the kid to sleep alone. Do I need to listen to the advice of doctors? S.

Responsible Itâ Minkin

Dear S.!

So, the dilemma: on the one hand — what the child wants, on the other hand — that claim doctor (for fear that you may accidentally crush the child, not g-d forbid). And “poor” parents between them.

Let’s agree: parents are not so poor, and they — and only they, considering all pros and cons, — make a decision and doing it. And the child will have to live with it. (Not so long ago in America, published a book by the noted psychologist about how important it is for the child to sleep with their parents. So the huge range of opinions).

The child will not be hurt by the fact that he sleeps with his parents, but if he’s breastfed, it combines the pleasant with the useful: opportunity “refueling” right there, as they say, on the spot. All the fun in one bottle. However, there is concern that not enough sleep mom will be less patient with him during the day. And dad can hardly agree that the baby slept with the parents. So baby, if it will weigh everything, must come to the conclusion that sleeping in bed with parents is unprofitable. Better let your mom and dad will be happy and peaceful day. Because they are people too.

As he that is the conclusion to come yet, dad and mom can help him. But how? To accustom him to the bed slowly and smoothly, so he figured: cot — it’s a natural habitat, not punishment.

To do this:

1) Put him in the crib during the day when he is awake, first briefly, then longer, while remaining in his field of vision, talking to him, etc. 2) day Stacking it in the crib — to make this time fun for him, laugh with him, make him gymnastics — handles to the sides, up, etc., Turn to him the music box mechanism with moving over the crib toys. Do him a massage after the bath, etc. 3) In the cot lay in the area of the glans (or head) rolled mom’s nightgown (so he felt the familiar smell and touch familiar of the fabric) or a pillowcase on her pillow. This will reassure him that he is in the “native element”. 4) you Can let him sleep in the parents ‘ bed, and then, when asleep, carefully, and delicately put into his cot. 5) Maybe in the winter is to heat the bed BEFORE you PUT your CHILD THERE. For example, a hot-water bottle or a plastic bottle with hot water, or putting his blanket on the battery (checking the pre-hand before you put the baby). I do not advise — electric sheets.

Here so gradually, without screaming and tantrums, you can teach your baby to sleep in his crib.

I wish You luck, patience, effort, enough hours of restful sleep and health of the baby!

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