Dangerous computer games

In our days, technology is of great importance, and such a thing as a computer, is now present in almost every family. He is a great help in all math calculations and indispensable in the work, has a wealth of information and the huge variety of virtual games, but it represents a great danger to our children, in the case of the uncontrolled use of the computer or Hobbies computer games, and mostly in this group fall risk adolescent boys.

Use of computer for kids

For the little ones now in the Internet provided a large number of educational games, such as online or prettification of computer puzzle games, and many educational programs to help the child develop, learn to read and count, train memory and help you remember the colors. But at such a young age it is better not to teach a child to such games, and replace them with Board games and a simple drawing on paper, painting colors or markers and picking up the mosaic. These familiar games not only help in the development of the child, and put him skills such as collaborative drawing game and if you involve to engage more children, or cleaning – inviting the child to clean up after a box or to collect the markers.

The use of computers for schoolchildren

At school age developmental and educational computer classes useful ,and the computer helps the student to develop logical thinking and improve the care that affects their work and helps to notice and to see a child of any ability on computer-based tests. Also useful information on the Internet will allow the child to learn many new and unknown, and with the help of video to see unknown country or learn about life exotic animals.

To the computer use did not develop to the detriment of need by parents to monitor the amount of time the student spends at the computer screen, as well as to equip a seat at the computer to allow the child as comfortable as possible to spend this time. It is impossible to forbid a teenager communication with the computer because in school he communicates with peers on the topic and should not feel deprived.

First you need to buy a comfortable chair with a backrest and a table under the child’s growth, and his feet have to stand while sitting on the stand. The monitor should be located at a distance of 70 cm from the face of the child, and the brightness of colors on it was not annoying and pleasing to the eye. After some time of practice on the computer you need to take breaks and perform exercises for the eyes and stretch parts of the body. Place near your computer you need to keep clean, every day wet cleaning and carefully wipe the keyboard to prevent it from clogging and to prevent her from becoming a source of dirt and infection, and before and after work at the computer it is advisable to wash hands with soap and water for all family members.

The danger of virtual games

Children, unlike adults, quickly become addicted to gambling, as immature mind and the mind can not resist the temptation to play in the virtual world and fall under their negative influence. The danger of virtual games is the lack of understanding and unwillingness of the child to return to the real games and socializing, and it seems that everything in reality is as simple as in virtual life of his characters, and having the opposite result, becomes insecure, there is depression, anger and negativity to the environment, and often these conditions lead to suicide. But it all begins with a harmless, at first glance, Hobbies and computer games that can escalate into addiction to gambling, when to step away from the game becomes impossible, forgetting about eating and sleeping.

Children do not know the steps and can’t control the time spent playing, and the parents have a difficult task, how do I teach my teenager to play computer games, and return to reality, to the normal toys and Hobbies. If you notice that your son prefers computer games book or any other boyish pursuits – football game with their peers, and can spend hours at the computer, this is a very dangerous Wake-up call and needs to think about how to wean the kid from the games. In the first place, openly and honestly to explain to him why you can’t do and what the consequences can be derived from this – and if this conversation is to be held in a calm manner without threats, the child will listen and draw conclusions.

It has been proved that virtual games – shooting games are a dangerous form of virtual games, as they carry the cruelty and violence, giving rise to these traits in the immature child’s mind. Also the permanent seat at the computer is harmful to health, vision impairment, and limitation of movement leads to obesity and back problems. For children there are limitations in time spent playing up to six years the child should not play more than 20 minutes a day, at the age of eight – game time is 40 minutes, and in eleven years, you can afford to play the game no more than an hour or two.

Also parents should pay attention to why the boy spends a lot of time on the computer and fenced off from reality – maybe someone offends, or little attention on your part, and maybe he feels lonely or difficult for him to communicate with peers, and plunging into the virtual world, he is distracted enough to forget it. In any case, you need to talk to him, to find the causes and to figure out how to wean the kid from the game in the computer, offering him a lesson in any section or mug in his Hobbies.

The dependence of adult computer games

Young people also often prefer to spend all my free time playing on the computer, and it is also very dangerous, as this hobby can ruin his relationship with the opposite sex and develop into a serious psychological dependence. Girls not interested in shooting games or play on the computer, and therefore, seeing such passion with her lover, she begins to think about how to wean the kid from computer games, returning his attention and love.

In order to achieve the desired, all methods are good, and in the problem how to wean the kid from computer games suitable methods and tricks: if you spend time together, and the guy does not depart from the monitor, you need to offer to go to another place – in the café with friends, or to offer a decent co-op game – for example, backgammon or cards.

Help talk – find out why he started to play, at what age and what was this he pushed, maybe the guy has serious problems and the difficult situation in his family, listen to him, and offer him his help in overcoming the troubles and addiction. If nothing helps, you need to seek help from professionals, because the computer addiction is now equivalent to such destructive habits like alcohol or gambling.

People who want to escape from reality into virtuality, often simply have no other to discuss their problems, or loving person, able to listen and help. And if a girl is determined that her boyfriend has a tendency to depend on the computer to figure out how to wean him from computer games, using all possible methods, up to treatment than to lose him forever.

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