Children’s greed

Every greedy child differently, and the reasons for this. Most often, greed is the result of those or other psychological problems. Until the problems are resolved, will not disappear and greed.

Every person should be developed as frugality and generosity. Either extreme begets selfishness. As the saying goes: “the truth is somewhere in the middle.” How important to teach children to feel this balance and sense of proportion. Great if your little one can share with other kids. And at the same time to say no, firmly saying “no”, explaining that this is his favorite toy, he will play himself.

Most often, children begin to perceive themselves as independent person at the age of three. They learn to Express their desires verbally, and learn to manage them. It is very difficult. If your child has trouble sharing, do not rush to call him greedy. “As you will name the boat”, remember? Better to help him in time.

It is therefore important to help adults. They tell the children about the rules:as what not to do, and what we need. “You can’t take someone else’s without permission. Always ask permission from the owner of the toy: “Can I play with your toys?””.

Teach children to make a temporary exchange, “Come on I’ll let you play his machine, and will you let me ride your bike”.

So children learn that the proposed options are much easier and more enjoyable.

If a child shares a toy with a few friends and will not tolerate others, most likely, the question here is not about greed. We, too, do not give read a book from your library unfamiliar man, and close friend with pleasure.

Explain to your children how and when to share important, and in some cases, you can refuse by saying a firm “no” (a gross violation of boundaries, manipulations, etc.).

Once again I want to remind you that the good service here will have a fairy-tale therapy.

The wonderful works of the “cat house” author. Marshak, “We shared an orange” bus. L. Zubkov, “Blue leaves” ed. V. A. Oseeva, “Until the first rain” ed. V. A. Oseeva, “the Tale of the greedy boy” author. O. V. Stepanova, will be good helpers for the prevention and treatment of greed. And also tales of your own, which you can write and share as needed.

And don’t forget the main rule: children learn greed or generosity in the first place in the family.

Tale about a greedy boy

There was in one city the boy Andryusha. And then came the time when he came time to go to kindergarten. Everyone there was amazing to Andrei: new adults – educators, while unfamiliar children, and the most surprising rules that all the guys in the band were supposed to perform. Home-Andrew was one child in the family, and he used to, that much was permitted to him, and sometimes said goodbye. In the garden everything was different, but slowly the boy was used to.

And here with Andrew, there was one that I wanted to tell you. All children in the group adored the walk. At this time, they liked to gather on the Playground and bring your toys. They were fun to play all together. They’ll play their toys, they get bored, they change between themselves, and again enjoy playing. But Andrew was not like this. With someone else’s toys the boy was interesting to play, he never gave anyone. He was pathetic: “all of a Sudden they’ll stain my toys? Or worse break them?”. Increasingly, the children heard from her Andreyko: “do Not touch! It’s mine!”, Yes, and he hands began to threaten the guys.

The boys got mad at him, the girls took offense, and so gradually one by one the children stopped to play with him. But soon ceased to notice it. The whole world around began to seem he the gray. He became bored and embarrassed, and how to fix this situation he doesn’t know. “Ah, would turn into a gray mouse, so no I haven’t thought how greedy I was.” Just thought, it happened. It appears, at this point, past their garden the wizard flew and accidentally waved a magic wand. Scared boy-mouse. “I joked,” he wanted to scream, but it turned out quiet “pee-pee”. And then, out of nowhere, a bird – titmouse flew to the mouse and sasib
Atala: “Andrew, I recognise you and want to help you. You need to make peace with the children – not good to be greedy!”. And as soon as the mouse Andrew admitted his mistake and thanked the good titmouse, at the very moment he became a boy again. “I realized my mistake, have to go fix it,” said Andrew, gathered their toys and sure step toward the guys.

After a few days the whole sum in the group were first friends, and the teacher could not get enough on his behavior. “What a kind and helpful son you have!” she said his parents. While Andrew was looking up into the sky and smiled flopping tit there. Here’s a story!

Questions and tasks to the fairy tale:

1. Why do you think guys stopped playing with He?

2. Who helped the little mouse to become a boy again?

3. Do you have enough courage to confess if you do something wrong?

4. Learn poems with their parents

5. “Bad history” ed. E. Serov

The boys of Paradise today took the aircraft,

The bear, the parrot, the locomotive and the steamship.

And the guys say: “Take all in a row

We’ll do without the bears, we don’t need a steamer.

Let’s play cat and mouse: I — mouse, I — kot. ”

All so much fun playing, laughing, and making noise,

6. Use your imagination and draw a warm word of kindness and a “cold” the word greed with the help of wax crayons or paints.

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