Children should be taught in a new way

The University-school cluster created a year ago in the remote districts of Moscow — Nekrasovka, Kapotnya and Marino. It includes 33 educational complex, consisting of 220 schools and kindergartens. This cluster is in a pilot phase to work out the technique of “pulling up” underachieving schools to the level achievers, to teach teachers to work in the new paradigm of active learning. According to the ideologist of the project, the environment for the education of such teachers is formed just in the educational complexes, because there is a “main source of forward motion” — the diversity.

In the education cluster College Professor are first carried out with the teachers training program, then give them a task to study and master a certain amount of professional literature. After that — the examination of the absorption.

According to Lyubimov «Russian school does not give children to truly develop their potential», churning out mass Threeness, then «mass grows uncompetitive adults»: minimum of world class professionals in almost every field and «crowds of dependants and quasiperpendicular whose goal is to grab someone else’s business, “squeeze” and to export abroad currency».

Our school, the scientist believes, for the past twenty years has trained a whole generation of people, «to look where it is easier and cheaper to acquire a high school diploma, and then in oblomovka coat to hang in any office or commercial plankton. They only want not to overdo it, just not overworked».

Lyubimov believes that ordinary Russian teacher is not trained to teach children competence, i.e. search methods, selection of knowledge, their application, and giving their own meanings. He “only knows how to orally retell the tutorial and command”. Therefore, if today the child in this subject, but the teacher will be in class to broadcast only the textbook, the student is at home on the Internet he will find interesting and useful material to him, will know more teachers on this topic, and therefore lose interest to the teacher.

We need to teach the teachers, the school to work in new ways

Ideologist of the project believes that it is necessary to begin with a teacher is to teach the teachers competence.

“Learning throughout life is the most important commandment of the XXI century. The teacher should teach the child to learn independently. As he does, not learning myself every day?”, — said Lyubimov.

The teacher should become a subject expert and not just a teacher of a particular subject. Only such a teacher can raise the mass of the Trinity, and competitive young man, says the scientist.

According to the observations of L. Lyubimova at any school in the entire teaching corps is divided into three parts:

1.Knights school. The main thing for them — the children, they have professional conscience, honor.

2.Teachers who are accustomed to the instructions, orders. Order — do not order — not gonna do it. They are quite manageable and teachable.

3.Teachers who cling to the workplace and the income that it brings. They change just don’t want to. With them we must try to leave.

Lyubimov believes that the new school should be a modern leader. Not all Directors, old and new, maintain current requirements. And they should be changed. What you need to develop a system of competitive selection, as, for example, it is made in Moscow.

The scientist believes that students need to learn competence. In his opinion, it is necessary to replace the didactic paradigm to activity. Should be taught in school what to do and how to do for a new paradigm. For example, China has already carried out such a reform, and school became a world leader.

Need a large investment in teachers, Directors, parents. Foreign scientists have calculated that one dollar invested in the education of the child, brings a gain of $ 17 once they reach working age.

Actively involve parents

Lyubimov believes that «role of parents today is one of the main failures of the garden and the school». Most parents see educational institution as a Luggage storage, for many of them, education is the crust, not a system of knowledge in my head that their job is to give birth, to feed, to clothe, and the rest for all they do.

To teach children oral language, reading, writing

“Dynamic speaking, the infestation of reading, writing is the Foundation of a powerful intellectual development” — believes Lyubimov.

If 25 years ago the vocabulary of a first grader was 5 to 6 thousand words, now about 3 thousand. He therefore proposed to start in kindergarten. Kindergarten must provide parents with a Bank of names of text materials, audio books, text cartoons. And then we sit down and on a monthly basis to paint when and what will be read, otsmatrivat the house and in the garden, i.e. to make. program of publish lessons.

“In elementary school redefines the task of learning to read and write. To teach reading is to make the child’s life addicted to books, texts. No day without a head! To teach the letter — so the child to form a strong demand in presentations, in writing, of their thoughts, experiences, feelings. No day without a line! By the end of nachalki the child must receive the congregation’s own written texts,” — the scientists said.

Impartial exam

Speaking of the exam, Lyubimov said that «culture of independent evaluation is very high culture». However, teachers and principals, and all the population is not accustomed to independent evaluation of their work. «the exam is a small part of this high culture that you want to revive the». But this will only work if the exam will be impartial.

A good education should not be free, and to issue certificates, not all

Lyubimov sure that quality education should be available to all.

“I believe that not everyone needs to issue certificates. Passed the exam below 40 points — and this is the level of knowledge 5 th grade — here’s a reference that I used his constitutional right to equal opportunity to receive a full secondary education. But the certificate has not earned”, — he said.

In addition, it should not be free. To invest in the education of their children — the duty of parents, not the state, says the author of the project.

“You’re on your child spend first, and then go to the boutique for a shirt ten thousand,” — L. Lyubimov noticed.

To solve the problem of formation of competitive young cohort is expected in the next 15-20 years. Lyubimov sure it’s not a utopia. It — an elaborate practical purpose, already implemented in the cluster.

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