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Today, when the whole world celebrates the international children’s day . we turned to the pastor of the Moscow Central Baptist Church (near spare parts market) Sergey Nikolaevich Zolotarevsky with the request to share your views about the principles and methods of upbringing children.

What are the principles and methods of education of children in a Christian family?

As the gospel says, children should be brought up in the fear of the Lord. This implies that in a Christian family, the child with mother’s milk absorbs the atmosphere, a discipline, a mode of the day. From infancy he sees that on the day of Sunday, when the whole family goes to Church. The example of parents should be the basis of education. I believe that children should be taught to pray, the child must be present in those moments when the family reads the Word of God when praying. The lifestyle of the parents, must shape the lives of the youngest members of the family.

To three years a child develops rapidly, absorbing like a sponge all that he sees around. From three to seven years, he must be “slave” . that is, be in complete obedience. With one hand parents should not “to irritate their children” . but Scripture also says: “don’t spare the rod for his own son” . In the specified age period the child is difficult to understand what is good and what is bad, that is why education should include an element of strictness, punishment “strap”. I think this is correct!

What is happening with the education of children in Europe, leads to a complete lack of fear of God. Children should not be punished, according to the Europeans, but it means that everything is permitted…

One of the American Ministers recently said: “When we punish children, then shooting in the US, and now, when they stopped to administer punishment, the children took up arms and started killing their peers”.

In the absence of punishment, permissiveness occurs. Moral education should be, but sometimes it is necessary to add and whip until it can still be done.

After seven years of a child “servant” . and after fourteen years it needs to be “friend” . at this age, to punish it’s late…

From my own experience I will say that I in the childhood was punished… and I was right – I think! The circumstances of life it so happened that I was raised by my father’s parents. During his service in the army evaluated all the punishment that my grandfather had used on me. He’s manhandling was not engaged, but was very strict, especially in terms of discipline and adherence of the day. In adolescence I had a fight with his grandfather’s methods of education, but then I realized he was absolutely right. The limits should be, however they must be reasonable…

Do you see any problem with raising children in Russia today?

Unfortunately, today’s society can’t cope with the younger generation. This is because a broken family structures. Parents often live apart, and, even if they occupy one housing, each lives its own life and, as a result, children are left to themselves. We also see that in many ways, the negative impact of kindergarten.

There is another problem that is not advertised. We are talking about the occult, when the people turn not to God but to Satan. And from the family child brings this experience to the kindergarten or to school.

Of great potential danger lies in the juvenile justice system which is already used in Europe and is actively lobbied by certain forces in the Russian leadership. In the case of adoption juvenile law, child will become the rightful owner of their situation, and the parents finally lose all leverage over him.

In all this the influence of the ideas of postmodernism, when everyone has their own truth, while eroded family values and moral principles.

How do you feel about religious education in schools?

In General – is negative. The school needs to educate religious, it is the function of the family. Until the 60-ies of the last century in American schools practiced praying together. I think that it is a positive experience, but it’s enough. I had the experience of conducting Bible lessons in secondary school. Parallel to the studies took place in two classes. I conducted lessons for children from Protestant families, in the other class did the children of Orthodox parents. I saw a real difference between what I taught and what children were taught in the class next door. This discrepancy will always exist and it will share students. But praying together at school, I could have launched a…

Is it possible to force a child to attend Church?

From my own experience I can say that we never forced the children to attend Church. We were able to convey to the children the truth about what is important to their lives. We rather had the opposite situation, children are so wanted to go to Church, that occasionally, for misdemeanors, we limited them to communicate with their peers on the grounds of the Church.

In my opinion, should be encouraged, and to make, because the violence in this matter may lead to a backlash.

I believe that the most important the child absorbs from the mother’s milk (up to three years). Vivid biblical example that confirms my opinion, is Moses. While he was at the breast, he emerged as a Jewish boy, but because seeing the unjust punishment of a tribesman, in a rage killed the taskmaster… later he became a leader for his people…

It is important that family their way of life could encourage the child to correct spiritual decisions. The identity of the little Christian is not to be enslaved. It is important to remember about the dangers of legalism.

What is the role of Sunday school in the education of children?

In General, this positive role. But in that case, when the family situation of the Christian, Sunday school becomes a natural complement to spiritual upbringing in the family.

However, there are cases when people are unchurched parents send their child to Sunday school, he received Christian moral education. It is also good, but practice has shown that such children only a few remain immediately in the Church. On the other hand, experience shows, friend… Some time later, in memory of those graduates of the Sunday school of the memory of time spent in the Church, and some of them still come to God. So, the role of Sunday school in all cases positive, but sometimes spiritual results have to wait many years…

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